He told MBR: “It’s all nice and relaxed at the moment as we are out of the main Olympic village. The heat and humidity is pretty much as expected so not a problem and there’s no pollution issue out here either. By all accounts its lower in town than ever before, so fingers crossed. We’ve also had some major rain storms which could be a factor on race day…
“I’ve been doing some road rides up in the hills and some specific off-road loops too. I’ve set up an 8-minute circuit in some local woods and been working on that. It’s a bit rainforest like in there and our sports scientist Dave ended up with a massive spider on him after a run through the singletrack which was pretty freaky!”

Oli moves down into the Olympic village on Sunday night, then starts official training on course on Tuesday afternoon. We’ll have more updates for you then, including an exclusive look at Oli’s special edition Giant bike.