The event, now in its eighth year, takes place next February with the main route – The Epic – including climbs and downhill sections across 70 km of trail.

The Rush (minimum age 14) covers 50km, designed for fit riders with mountian biking experience who want a good challenge but don’t want to take on the professionals and be pushed to your limits.

The Slide (Min 10 yrs) is for the social cycling fraternity and the youth there is a shorter 35 kilometre route. This is amost 100% downhill with just one or two brows to climb. The downhill sections are just as challenging as the ones in the longer events so you still need your wits about you. If you want to accompany your family or simply give the 10 to 4 a go at this level the Slide is the event for you!

Entry costs £55 with a minimum sponsorship sum of £350.

By joining the 10-4 you will be supporting the The Mount Kenya Trust in its work to:

Reduce poaching set for bushmeat.
Provide wildlife rangers to apprehend poachers.
Provide elephant fencing.
To protect cultivated land from the ravages of elephants who crop raid, and to protect elephants from being killed when found on farmers land.
Support educational projects.
With a full time Field Coordinator who talks to local communities to educate them about projecting the environment.
Fund community tree planting and reafforestation projects.
Ensure the safety of the few remaning mountain bongo on Mount Kenya.

For more information and to sign up download an application form go to or contact Susie in Kenya:

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