The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) is involved, and will provide visitors a live, ‘handson’ experience of their sport through exciting and informative demos, as well as areas for everyone to have a go for themselves.

The concept brings to life a world that, for some, is only ever seen on TV or on YouTube videos. The event is partnering with over 20 leading extreme sports associations and will see 25-30,000 visitors walk through its doors over a 3 day period. In and amongst demonstrations from leading professionals, the event will see a whole host of exhibitors promoting the latest in extreme sports equipment, as well as the entertaining spectacular known as the ‘Theatre of Extremes’.

Alongside these demos, there will be over 200 exhibitors, so visitors will be able to check out, try on and buy the latest kit. The highlight is the ‘Theatre of Extremes’, a unique and awe-inspiring display of skill and daring featuring a worldwide lineup of professional extreme sports performers including UK, European and World champions. From a range of action sports they will entertain in front of crowds in a 3,000 all-seater auditorium.

Aimed at ‘weekend warriors’, ‘urban explorers’, fans and families, X in the City will be the hottest ticket in town this Winter. For more information contact Simon Burton, 07798 807657, or visit