Armstrong, Hincapie, Vande Velde and Casey racing in the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo

Lance Armstrong is getting the U.S. Postal gang back together for a crack at a 24 hour mountain bike race in Arizona.

Back in Lance’s Tour de France heyday he rode for a team called U.S Postal and it’s three members from this old squad who will form Armstrong’s crew for the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo next month (February 17-19).

George Hincapie, Christian Vande Velde and Dylan Casey are on the start sheet with Lance Armstrong. Although Armstrong is currently serving a lifetime ban for doping, the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo event is not run under USA Cycling reg’s so he’s free to compete.

Unlike in road races such as the Tour de France, the team of four riders will not be racing all at the same time. As is usual with endurance races the format is one of relay, where a rider hands over to another team mate at the end of a lap.

According to reports, Armstrong and Co. are not taking the race overly seriously. They’re there to enjoy it rather than win it apparently.

Although as his Strava stats show, Armstrong is still in great form.

We look forward to seeing how they get on. And what they use as their team name.