Experienced race organisers branching out into enduro

More known for their XC and endurance events, Gorrick MBC are putting on an enduro event this year at their Frimley Green home.

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Gorrick Gravity Trail Enduro

  • Sunday 22 April
  • Area 51, Frimley Green, Surrey GU16 6HT
  • Limited to 180 riders
  • Male £45.00
  • Female £35.00
  • Juniors (16-18) £30.00
  • Fun (19+) £30.00
  • Enter via SI Entries

Gorrick MBC: “We like to move with the times here at Gorrick, so this Spring we are going to be running a new type of event for us. We’ve been looking at and working on our great little venue at Frimley Green and thought why not use the hill for a Gravity Trail Enduro? So, the team checked out some local and regional events, rechecked the venue and we’ve given it the green light. The race will feature a circuit of the venue which includes a number of timed trail stages.”

Riders will be set off in groups at intervals. There are categories to suit all levels of ability and age. You can ride in a group, with a specific group of friends or on your own, whatever you prefer, as all the stages are open throughout the day up until the finish time. Riders will complete three circuits and after each circuit you can return to the arena to download your times.

Gorrick MBC: “Area 51 is a great venue for a gravity trail enduro because no part is flat and it has a great hill, allowing a variety of sections to flow from the ridge line. The whole area is open mixed woodland and heathland, well-draining with good parking on fire breaks and within the woods. It is particularly good for viewing the stages from, so you can follow the progress of your friends or family during the event. Cheering and banter are, of course, an essential part of these events.”