Journalists and photographers at the European EWS events will be offered the use of e-bikes to assist in their coverage

The Enduro World Series (EWS) and Cube Bikes have announced an interesting new addition to Enduro World Series event coverage – eMTBs for journalists and photographers.

The first EWS event to see this occur will be this coming weekend’s Emerald Enduro in County Wicklow, Ireland.

Long distance race courses

The long distance nature of top-level enduro races presents something of a dilemma for writers and camera-people. There’s simply too much terrain to cover. Even using 4×4 vehicles only gets you so far into the action.


At previous EWS events the organisers have laid on shuttle buses which, although helpful, can often end up with all the journos and photographers covering the same limited amount of sections, resulting in a samey and incomplete coverage of the event.

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The only way to see everything is to do it on a bicycle. But covering the distances of your average EWS race (50+km) whilst carrying all your gear – cameras, lenses and even laptops – is just not really viable.

eMTBs to the rescue

The EWS organisers have clearly noticed this as an issue and hence this collaboration with Cube.

Chris Ball, Managing Director of the Enduro World Series, said: “We believe the addition of these e-bikes will really enhance the already excellent coverage coming out of our European races – media will be able to get closer to the race than ever before, which means even better coverage for the fans.”

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What bikes are going to be used?

EWS state: “At all of the Series’ four European rounds this season, Cube will offer accredited media the use of an e-bike to assist in their coverage. Journalists and photographers that want to get closer to the action than ever before will be given access to Cube’s fleet of Stereo 160 Hybrids, allowing them to pedal the liaisons with ease and get into the hardest to reach locations”.

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It’s going to be interesting to see if – and how – the reports and pics from this weekend’s Emerald Enduro differ from previous EWS rounds.

Kudos to EWS for thinking of the fans and for trying something new.