Apparently this isn't speeded up!

Man of the moment Bernard Kerr posted the fastest time down the Red Bull Hardline track last weekend. Here’s how it looked from his point of view.

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In a word: PEE-YOWWW!

Often helmetcam POV videos make things look flat and slow – well they do for us anyway – so it’s hard to imagine just how… mindblowing Kerr’s run was.

If it looks fast and sickening on a helmetcam then you know it’s even worse than that in real life.

Respect goes out to all the riders who managed to get down the track in one piece. Double respect for anyone who made it into the top 10.

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Red Bull Hardline 20167 results

  1. Bernard Kerr (GBR) 3:32.46
  2. Ruaridh Cunningham (GBR) 3:34.86 (+2.40)
  3. Adam Brayton (GBR) 3:35.50 (+3.04)
  4. Gee Atherton (GBR) 3:35.97 (+3.51)
  5. George Brannigan (NZ) 3:39.14 (+6.68)
  6. Mick Hannah (AUS) 3:39.28 (+6.82)
  7. Eddie Masters (NZ) 3:39.94 (+7.48)
  8. Joe Smith (GBR) 3:40.21 (+7.75)
  9. Taylor Vernon (GBR) 3:41.22 (+8.76)
  10. Brook MacDonald (NZ) 3:41.30 (+8.84)