Create some Enve at the trailhead, with these more affordable alloy stems from the American premium component brand.

If you desire the status of an Enve faceplate, the American component brand is now offering that privilege at a reduced price point.

Although Enve established its reputation with carbon rims and cockpits, the Utah company has been broadening its product portfolio of late. Realizing that some premium composite components are simply beyond the budget of many riders, Enve has responded with new alloy bits.

Quality fabrication and considered industrial design have always been features of the Enve product range and these new alloy stems are true to that heritage. Although they are not produced on-site at Enve’s Ogden facility, where its carbon-fibre machining assets are, production criteria remains high.

These alloy stems are cold-forged to achieve optimal strength, whilst the precision engineering and tooling used by Enve’s supplier allow for intricate shapes, fulfilling the industrial design requirements of Enve’s product team.

All-mountain and enduro sizes

Available in three different lengths (35-, 50- and 65mm), Enve’s new mountain bike stems all feature a zero-rise profile and can be ordered in either the 31.8- and 35mm handlebar diameter.

Alloy stems and carbon handlebars often have a strained relation, with the danger of damaging the composite laminate a risk when installing and fastening your cockpit. To mitigate this, Enve’s alloy stems have a flush faceplate design, which prevents pinching of the carbon handlebar when bolting it into place.

The contact surfaces are also smoothed and bevelled, to reduce negligent scratching when rolling or orientating the handlebar into an ideal ergonomic position, during installation.

Keeping your knees healthier

Beyond the clever fabrication and finishing techniques that ensure your Enve alloy stem and carbon handlebar shared an unstressed relationship, the stem’s aft area has been slightly tapered in its shape.

Those who have snapped a chain, experienced a drivetrain derail or over-torqued their pedal stroke on some wet roots whilst climbing out of the saddle, know the pain of striking an exposed stem bolt head with the knee.

To deliver the best possible exterior ergonomics, and save your knees from damage, the Enve alloy stem has smoothed corners and recessed bolt holes.

Enve is marketing all sizes of its new alloy stem range, at the same £135 price.