Adjustable travel, an idler wheel and innovative rear brake position. This is Eminent’s Haste.

Enduro bikes with high-pivot chainlines are all the rage this year. And Eminent is the latest brand introducing a frame with an idler wheel.

The American brand, known for its Active Float System (AFS) rear-suspension linkage, has revealed a new 29er frame. And as expected, it has a high-pivot idler.

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You can have 20mm of travel adjust

Eminent’s Haste looks different to the brand’s Onset, which features a radical seat tube cavity for its shock position. The Haste rolls 29-inch hoops with two rear-suspension travel options, whereas the Onset LT was a 140mm frame.

The bike’s AFS set-up has a swappable vertical linkage plate, offering 140- or 160mm of travel.

If you want a true 29er enduro version of the Haste, its 160mm LT linkage plate and a 170mm fork sets the bike at a 64-degree head angle, with 481mm of reach, in size large. Change to the shorter 140mm MT linkage plate with a 150mm fork, and you add 9mm of reach to any frame size. The head angle also steepens to 65-degrees.

A big rear hub, for the Haste

The Haste’s carbon frame features extensive bracing aft of the head tube. Eminent’s industrial designers have also selected the widest possible rear axle spacing, with a SuperBoost 157x12mm standard.

With that generously spaced rear triangle, the Haste features an interesting brake configuration. Instead of the usual chainstay mount, Eminent’s designers have placed the calliper inboard of the chain- and seat stay. Why? Significantly reduced brake jack and improved braking performance.

And that high-pivot idler? It allows for a 15mm reward axle path, which should make the Haste’s rear-end feel a lot more active, descending technical terrain.

Eminent’s Haste is available in four frame sizes (S, M, L and XL) and two colourways, grey with red detailing and green with celeste.