This month's Star Letter

This month’s Star Letter reminds us that we live in a democracy of dirt.

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Live and let ride

It’s a long time now since I’ve been able to keep up with my son, let alone beat him, but even on his local 7Stanes routes he didn’t have to wait long for me to catch up.

That was until I contracted some form of sepsis back in 2017. Not only did he have to wait ages, I arrived in near death mode with both heart rate and breathing through the roof, and collapsed over the bars.

It was his idea for me to get an e-bike and although I was resistant at first, I capitulated eventually and thank goodness I did. They are a revelation and I can now keep up with him and actually enjoy biking again. I even look forward to the ascents now and still get a great workout without getting exhausted. Am I cheating? It doesn’t feel like it, heart rate and breathing are way up but not dangerously so and as long as I’m not pretending I’m on an ordinary bike, who am I fooling? So to all you e-bike critics out there, please be a bit more tolerant and let people do what they want. E-bikes are just like ordinary bikes, you get back what you put in so it’s up to the individual how they use them. We are, after all, still living in a democracy.

– Andy Hunt

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