The Dues settle a dispute

More hip swivelling cornering action from the Joe Barnes collective as they settle some of unmentioned hockey and/or shinty dispute by… slaying trails of course!

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Big jumpers.


Ironic facial hair.

Filthy Fort William singletrack.

Hockey sticks.

Micro brass band.

Painful injuries.

Intriguing medical practices.

Stolen shoes.

Dual slalom.

All in all, it’s the usual nonsense and inspiring raggedy yet stylish riding from the Dudes Of Hazzard. They really know how to dive in when the weather is inclement and the trails are greasy as hell.

It’s enough to make you want the currently baked hard dusty trails to return to this winter state of slop. Well, not really but it is darned good laugh of a video nonetheless.

Keep on slapping those mucky turns boys!

Video description

Joe Barnes: “The best way to settle any dispute is to take it to the slalom. When Ferg and Joe have a dispute down stairs in the bike shed they must get to the slalom right away! Combining forces with Samsun Sounds for this one providing a live backing track at hand and on scene. A unique experience for some fun film making with bikes and music.”