Prefer analogue to digital suspension and dropper post control? DT Swiss has you covered.

RockShox and Fox might be investing in electronic suspension and wireless dropper posts, but DT Swiss still has faith in the good old cable.

With the company’s recent shock and suspension tech upgrades, there is also a new lockout and dropper post controller. DT Swiss has managed to combine no less than three levers into a single underbar remote, designed for use with its cross-country and downcountry suspension components.

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Simple and typically Swiss

For riders who prefer the lower complexity of cable operated lockouts and actuation, instead of electronic, the L3 remote will make a lot of sense.

Officially convergence is limited to DT Swiss components, but the dropper remote should work with any adjustable seatpost that is cable operated.

What the L3 remote does, is offer an ergonomically appropriate underbar lever trigger, for DT Swiss F 232 and F 535 One forks and shocks. And of course, the brand matching short-travel dropper post, too.

With the L3 you can intuitively lock and unlock your fork, and vary between three modes on a DT Swiss rear shock (open, drive and lock). The largest L3 lever, operates your dropper post.

Is a DT Swiss underbar position better than on top?

Benefits of an integrated tri-lever underbar remote? It operates with more natural thumb movement than an overbar position, which requires a loosening of grip to operate.

Theoretically, the underbar remote is less likely to impact a knee if you have an OTP, but by the same logic, you could hit it during a steep climb, standing on the pedals, if you encounter rear-wheel slip.

Although it might look unsightly to enduro riders, it offers a lot of functionality for fitness biased mountain bikers who prefer a DIY serviceable lockout solution.

This new L3 remote  uses a Matchmaker X clamp, to ensure the best possible management of handlebar real estate. The DT Swiss L3 remote adds only 68g of weight to a handlebar.