The new DMR V11 plastic pedal takes the proven Vault pedal shape and moulds it in composite to create a light, robust and, above all, affordable flat pedal.

Building on its enviable reputation for being behind some of the best high performance flat pedals on the market, DMR has just announced its V11 – a composite glass-reinforced nylon body based on the popular DMR Vault but retailing for £50/€49.99/$59.99.

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It’s not the first plastic DMR pedal – it already offers the V6 – but the V11 is a no-compromise design intended to appeal to the growing number of riders choosing to ride plastic rather than metal flats. It’s a trend that has emerged recently as more brands produce super-grippy composite pedals, with replaceable pins and servicable bearings, that are cheaper to replace if damaged, yet also tend to glance off or slide across rocks and stumps better than their metal counterparts.

DMR V11 flat pedals


To ensure grip you can trust, the V11 platform is a carbon copy of the Vault’s concave design and also featured 11 replaceable pins per side, with each of these held by captive nuts. For extra purchase, the outer pins are DMR’s longer Moto models. All the internals are identical to those used in the Vault, so they’re easy to service and parts are widely available. The same 4140 cro-mo axle is used and they run on an inboard cartridge bearing and outboard DU bushing using cusotm seals to keep out dirt and moisture.


For the ultimate customisation options, there are eight colours available, along with Henry Ford black.

We’ve had a ride on the new pedals and first impressions are good. The V11’s don’t give up any grip to the pricier Vaults, with a really sure-footed hold running our favoured Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes. The pins dig deep into the sole, while the concave platform cups the ball of our foot to perfection – just like the Vault. There really is no drop in performance with the new V11, yet they cost around half the price of the metal versions. We haven’t bounced them off any rocks yet, but having broken a Vault cage in the past, we know it’s a hazard that comes with the territory. These V11’s should be more robust, yet cheaper to replace should the worst happen. Win-win.

Look out for a full test coming soon.