Just a great feel good edit

Any vid starring Olly Wilkins and Brendan Fairclough is on to a winner. We liked the previous DMR Axe cranks so have high hope for the new version.

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dmr axe le

DMR Axe LE cranks need to know

  • Claimed 790g (Arms, BB and Direct mount Blade 34t)
  • 30mm axle
  • 165mm, 170mm or 175mm options, plus 83mm/165mm DH spec
  • BB options: Euro BB, PF30, BB30, BB92, 68-73mm/83mm Threaded
  • ‘SRAM’ style direct mount compatible
  • £160 SRP

dmr axe le

The DMR Axe LE crank features Hollowform technology in the forged crank arms to achieving decent stiffness without too much of a weight penalty.

dmr axe le

The DMR Axe LE cranks are supplied as crank arms only so that you can assemble your cranks to your spec. DMR obviously recommended DMR Blade Rings.

dmr axe le

The DMR Axe LE cranks must be fitted with a DMR Axe BB, which are available in 68/73mm or 83mm threaded, BB30, PF30 and BB92 formats.

Video description

DMRBIKES: “There’s a part of every bike which goes often unnoticed, sometimes abused and rarely celebrated. It’s at the very core of your bike. It deals directly with everything you throw at it. Pumping forces, pedalling forces…even smashing rocks and casing jumps. It’s a part which you fit and forget, however it truly is the unsung hero of your very bike. For this reason we took Brendan Fairclough and Olly Wilkins out to Cape Town. An opportunity to give back to the product which provides us with so much joy without any glory. Finally the unsung heroes get their 5 minutes in the sun… The cranks that is! The AXE cranks.”