It's time to get yourself some new rubbers

Here’s a quick ‘n’ very dirty roundup of half a dozen great mud tyres that are currently on sale at various online retailers.

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Although you can run the same tyres all year round it does make sense to equip yourself with at least two different sets of tyres: one for drier seasons and one for wetter seasons.

No need to run full-on mud tyres on your both your wheels. Just running a mud tyre up front will upgrade your bike’s capabilities no end. Keep a quicker-rolling tyre on the back.

Take yer pick of any of these spiky beasts…

Michelin Wild Mud Advanced – £56.99 – £21.99


Using Michelin’s super-squishy Magi X grippy rubber mix (that’s usually only found on its front-specific tyres), this hefty Wild Mud tyre proved a revelation in the nastiest conditions. Across disgusting slop, big roots, off-cambers and edges that usually put the fear into you, the deforming tread blocks dampen any unexpected pings or grip outages, making you feel super-safe.

Get the 27.5″ x 2.0″ version for just £21.99
Get the 29″ x 2.0″ version for just £21.99

Mavic Crossmax Charge – £43.07 – £32.95


For mountainous riding and rugged terrain — such as the Lakes or Scotland — the well-shaped Charge is a good choice, so long as you’re fit enough to handle the relatively high drag. For those riding in a claggy, muddy area, a thinner, more aggressively spiked tyre might be a better option.

Pick up the 27.5″ x 2.4″ version for only £34.44
Pick up the 29″ x 2.4″ version for only £32.95

Maxxis Shorty – £55.99 – £33.99


A couple of seasons ago the Maxxis Shorty was the new kid on the block, and after a full year of extended testing, we’ve now used it in more scenarios, including dry loam and blown out rocks and dust. The design is essentially a cut-down mud spike, but it’s proven way more versatile than a pure mud specialist and will happily double up as a dry weather tyre.

Buy the 27.5″ x 2.4″ version for only £33.99
Buy the 29″ x 2.3″ version for only £39.99

Schwalbe Dirty Dan – £64.99 – £33.99


Dirty Dan is the enduro racer’s tyre of choice when the tracks are muddy. Tall blocks bite into soft and loose terrain. The sturdy carcass withstands a beating and holds up loads of support when riding hard. The large gaps provide the necessary self-cleaning and braking traction. A modern classic.

Pick up the 27.5″ x 2.35″ version for only £33.99
Pick up the 29″ x 2.35″ version for only £29.99

Specialized Hillybilly – £35.00 – £34.95


Okay, okay, 5p is not exactly an amaiozng deal but we had to include this excellent tyre because even at full price it’s still a great price. It is essentially a cut-down mud spike, with a hollowed-out, sucker-pad version of the Storm tread. The second thing we noticed is how, as mountain bike tyre technology moves forward, more tyres begin to look like blocky motocross treads.

Only available for 29ers – on sale for £34.95

WTB Warden – £44.99 – £39.99


Despite the bulk, it’s on the narrow side for a 2.3in. While this only encourages the Warden to slash through the deepest gunk and mud like a hot knife through butter, it does make the sidewalls bulge a fraction if you’re running ultra-wide rims. The stiff blocks increase stability and slash the ground fiercely, meaning grip levels for cornering and braking are up there with the best.

This deal is only for 27.5″ version which is on sale for just £39.99

Enjoy your filthy rides!

See y’all next week for more Dirty Deals.