Night riding season is here!

Bargain hunting time! Here are six great lights at amazing prices to bung in your basket.

This weeks sees us officially hurtle into autumn. Although it’s always sad to say goodbye to summer, us mountain bikers know that autumn is secretly the best time to be out there on the trails.

A bit part of autumn’s appeal is the start of night riding season. Get a fresh perspective on your riding – and combine it with a pub finish. Win win!

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For this Dirty Deals we’ve divided the lights up into brackets of brightness ie. how many lumens they kick out: 250+ lumens, 500+ lumens, 1,000 lumens and 2,000+ lumens.

250+ lumens

Neither of these lights will be powerful enough on their own but they’re ideal as secondary lights to mount on your helmet.

Well, you could just about night ride using these lights on their own if you wanted to dip your toes into the world of night riding.

Lezyne Micro Drive 400 XL Y9 – £39.99 – £23.99


Output: 400 lumens

A very keenly priced cordless light that would be ideal for helmet mounting. We say “would be ideal” because it doesn’t actually come with a helmet mount in the box – sold separately innit. But for under £25 we reckon this is still a bargain. We dare say you can fashion your own helmet mount. Zip ties and gaffer tape are wonderful things.

You can currently pick up one of these versatile and cheap lights for £23.99!

Niterider Lumina 350L Cordless – £89.99 – £54.99


Output: 350 lumens

Although this light is nominally 50 lumens not as bright as the Lezyne above it does offer impressive burn times. Two hours oon full power beam is an impressive feat considering the compact size of the whole unit. Decent burn times are fairly essential for riders wishing to get out on night rides that last longer than just a quick half-hour blast.

NiteRider stuff is very well made and this Lumina 350L is on sale at the mo for £54.99!

500+ lumens

Now we’re into the realms of primary lights. And these lights that will be sufficient on their own to do the job. No secondary light will be required – although having two lights is always a good idea if possible.

Luu Extreme Torch 900L – £179.99 – £89.99


Output: 900 lumens

You may not have heard of Luu but they make some pretty decent lights and work with respected electronics names such as Samsung (batteries) and Cree (LEDs). At 115mm in length and 38mm diameter the Extreme Torch 900L is p[robably bigger than you imagine from looking at this studio pic – which in some way is rather reassuring isn’t it? It’s a big ol’ torch essentially. Nowt wrong with that.

You can buy this big ol’ torch for a small ol’ price of £89.99!

Lezyne Power Drive Y8 – £94.99 – £47.49


Output: 600 lumens

There are a lot of Lezyne lights in the sales at the moment. We can surmise from this that a whole new range of 2017 lights is about to drop from them or something like that. So it’s a great opportunity to cash in and get hold of some of the remaining models at heavily discounted prices. Such as this beautifully CNC machined lightweight aluminium Power Drive Y8.

This crisp little illuminator is currently on offer for a measly £47.49!

1000+ lumens

Both of these lights just about creep under the crucial £100 mental barrier for buying bike lights. It’s a popular price point to hit. Although the savings aren’t quite as impressive as those above, the step up in trail-illumination power is significant. MOney well spent.

Lezyne Deca Drive 1500 XXL – £139.99 – £94.99


Output: 1,500 lumens

Another Lezyne, another beautifully manufactured bit of design. The Deca Drive is Lezyne’s flagship model and so has pretty much everything thrown at it. Triple lens LED, Intelligent Power Indicator, machined body, waterproof, loads of modes, 2 year warranty and so on.

Act quick to get yourself this flagship light for just £94.99!

Cateye Volt 1200 – £149.99 – £94.99


Output: 1,200 lumens

Although the lumens are ‘mere’ 1,200, Cateye have a well-earned reputation for having a quality and clarity of light that is hard to express in mere number stats. The Cateye Volt 1200 rivals on-trail performance of lights with much higher lumen ratings. Lights are not just LED power. Lens design and quality plays a massive part in it all. Cateye having been making lights pretty much linger than everyone else and their knowhow shows when you use one.

This is arguably the best deal in this whole feature, you can get this light for only £94.99!

2,000+ lumens

Woah Nelly! 2,000 lumens is basically brighter than the sun. Which seems a little bit overkill but out on the trail this translates to fearlessness and also huge burn times (if you bump the power level down to a middling setting for most of your route).

Light And Motion Seca 2000 – £399.99 – £279.99


Output: 2,000 lumens

This is the winning light from our previous lights test. There are no OTT modes, just high, medium and low beam. The reason we rate the Seca is down to the excellent spread of light. It’s very powerful and with six LEDS and a diffuser at the bottom of the lens — for excellent fill around the front wheel — it has by far the most sophisticated and even  beam pattern.

This amazing light normally retails for £400 but it’s currently on offer for £279.99!

Enjoy your night rides!

See y’all next week for more Dirty Deals.