Fifty per cent discount. One hundred percent rad.

Like a deal? How about a baker’s dozen +1 of amazing half-price-or-better screaming deals? Alrighty then. Check out this little lot.

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Cannondale Multi 6 Tool – £22.99 – £9.99

Save 57%! 3, 4, 5, and 6mm Allen keys, T25 torx, flat blade screwdriver, 10mm open spanner. Cannondale have always secretly made nice little multi-tools.

Mavic Hydrapak 3L Hydration Pack Bladder – £32.50 – £10.99

Save 66%! Just over a tenner for a proper three litre Hydrapak bladder? You betcha. The Mavic branding is something of an irrelevance really but at least the super accurate filling measure scales are still printed on there for all you hydration specifists!

Mavic Crossmax 15L Hydropack – £100.00 – £35.99

Save 64%! Or if you can stretch an extra twenty quid you can get a whole new hydration pack. Having said that, the included bladder here is only a 2L one (which is actually arguably the better amount for most riders on day rides in the UK). Any colurway so long as it’s… “Montana”. Hannah?

SKS Spaero Mini Pump – £34.99 – £16.50

Save 53%! SKS make the best pumps. That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve tried one of their pumps, you’re a fan for life. Which can be an expensive affliction/blessing. The excellently named Spaero mini pump makes for ideal jersey pocket/frame-clip pump for minimalist mountain bikers.

Cube AM Race MTB Helmet – £89.99 – £44.99

Save 50%! This is sort of lid that the mian manufactueres have seemingly forgotten how make. Namely, a helmet that isn’t massively OTT (and overhot) for regular trail riders. It may not be on-trend but you’ll most certianly be the most comfortable on-trail in one of these.

RaceFace Turbine Dropper Seatpost – £349.99 – £157.49

Save 55%! 30.9mm x 125mm drop version only. Internal cable routing. Quick Connector allows easy, tool-free disconnection. Left or right mount universal thumb lever remote (included). Zero offset head type.

Pedro’s Mini Pit Kit – £44.99 – £20.76

Save 54%! When you work out the individual RRP total for what you get in this kit the full asking price of £45 is impressive. And when you then whack off 54% of said asking price you’re in the realm of the no-brainer. Look after your bike better with Pedro’s.

Fizik Thar Ki:Um Long Rail Saddle – £109.99 – £44.98

Save 59%! Never was a product so woefully mis-sold as the Fizik Thar “29er” saddle. The whole “29er specific saddle” aspect caused ridicule and suspicion. What this product should have been promoted as is a saddle for bikes that suffer from slack seat angles. The extra lopng rails afford you the slammed-forward option to effectively give you another degree or two effective seat angle.

Sombrio Duster Jersey – £49.99 – £19.99

Save 60%! Less is more with jerseys like this. Unfortunately less is more doesn’t always work when you’re trying to flog a garment with a sixty quid price tag no matter how excellent said garment is. Sub-twenty quid though. Now you’re talking. Act fast. These will sell out soon.

Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves – £27.50 – £11.00

Save 60%! Without wishing to sound too much like your own personal dresser, these gloves would set off the above Sombrio jersey to a tee. Not only would they look bob on, they are also some our favourite ever riding gloves full stop.

Sombrio Vagabond Riding Shirt – £79.99 – £31.99

Save 60%! Yes you read that title correctly: this IS a riding shirt. It may not be the first choice of shirt for all-day XC epics but for messing about rides or social rides that finish in the friendly neighbourhood hipster craft ale house, it’s ideal. And it’s always nice to wear bike brand clothing off the bike in casual situations too innit.

Endura Hummvee Convertible Jacket – £99.99 – £39.96

Save 60%! An Endura jacket. AND an Endura gilet. In one garment. For less than forty quid. It’s not made from featherlight not-up-to-it material either. This stuff is proper 2.5 layer waterproof fabric. Complete with a fully waterproof zip.

Bike Hand Bicycle Maintenance Tool Kit – £69.99 – £29.99

Save 57%! Puncture repair kit. Interchangeable phillips/flat screwdriver. Freewheel remover for Shimano cassette for use with 1/2 driver and 24mm spanner. Small screwdriver for derailleur adjustment. Chain Whip. Bottom bracket wrench. Bottom bracket wrench for Shimano Hollowtech II BB. Chainring nut wrench. Spoke wrench (0.127/0.130/0.136). Cartridge bottom bracket tool (Shimano type and ISIS driver). Shimano splined, oversized bottom bracket, from ISIS driver. 2 steel hub-cone wrenches (13/14, 15/16mm). 15mm pedal wrench and 14x15mm box wrenches. Chain remover (suits Shimano HG/UG/VG). Tyre lever set. L type T-25 wrench. 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm hex key wrench set. 8mm hex wrench for crank arm removal & 1/2 adaptor for socket tools.

Camelbak Skyline LR 10 Low Rider HJydration opack – £109.99 – £55.00

Save 50%! Lumbar design keeps your water and cargo stowed low and close to your waist. It’s a small change, but it lets your upper body move more freely. 3-liter Crux reservoir, helmet hooks, compression webbing for storing soft armor, XV back panel, tool roll, zippered trapdoor that gives you access to your reservoir, magnetic tube trap.