Your bank manager can rest easy this week. Ish.

This week’s deep sea trawl on the online high seas has netted us a big catch of mountain bike bargain deals. Nothing fishy about it though.

Straight to the deals! There’s a fair few tyres here because, well, everyone loves tyres…

Spiuk ZS11M SPD shoes – £101.49 – £49.99

Two velcro straps, a top ratchet strap, aggressive sole and a wipe-clean upper – it sounds simple to make an effective mountain bike shoe doesn’t it? The best thing about Spiuk is that they don’t over-elaborate anything nor do they omit anything essential.

On sale for only £49.99!

Hutchinson DZO mud tyre – £54.99 – £24.99

Nice out innit? No, it probably isn’t. The weather has seemingly been stuck on the rain dial in most parts of the UK of late. Stop hiding indoors. Stop falling over on the trails. Get yourself some proper pointy mud tyres and grin through the grit.

On sale for only £24.99!

Shimano SLX M7000 11-42t cassette – £74.99 – £41.99

Most folk running 11 speed drivetrains have become rather jaded when it comes to splashing out lodsa cash on cassettes. The SLX is surely the most popular aftermarket cassette for 11 speeders out there at the mo. Still not exactly cheap at £42 but it’s way better than anything of a higher tier.

On sale for only £41.99!

Kore Mega M35 handlebar – £54.99 – £35.99

A great all rounder handlebar from great all rounder brand Kore. Nothing weird or kooky or limiting. 760mm wide, 20 or 35mm rise options, 35mm clamp size, 8.5° back sweep, 5° up sweep. Sorted for everything.

On sale for only £35.99!

Wiggle Bike and Wheel Bags – £89.99 – £45.99

Had enough the UK weather and zipping off to sunnier climes? Or you need some protection for transporting your bike and (spare) wheels in your car boot? This is a bargain combo.

On sale for only £45.99!

X-Tools Long Plastic Tyre Levers – £4.99 – £2.98

Big feck off tyre levers.

On sale for only £2.98!

Maxxis Beaver tyre – £36.99 – £9.63

If you’re not a full-on filth rider and are just looking for a damp weather XC-trail tyre for getting the miles in during the autumn, here’s a great bit of rubber for you.

On sale for only £9.63!

Park Tool Chain Checker – £29.99 – £17.98

A chain checker is one of those things that you know you should own – it will save you a lot of money over the years – but it’s never exactly an exciting purchase is it? Do the right thing and buy one now while it’s cheap.

On sale for only £17.98!

Camelbak MULE hydration pack – £99.99 – £38.62

Arguably Camelbak’s best sized all rounder backpack. Big enough to hold pretty much everything you need but doesn’t feel too massive or unwieldy. Comes with bladder provided.

On sale for only £38.62!

Chromag Sequence 104 BCD 32t chainring – £49.99 – £37.49

Not all narrow-wide chainrings are made equal. SRAM are generally regarded as having the best chain retaining tooth design. This Chromag ring has licensed SRAM’s X-Sync design, so you can have a proper X-Sync performance for less money.

On sale for only £37.49!

Maxxis Shorty 27.5 x 2.3in tyre – £64.99 – £39.99

Despite how some folk describe this tyre, the Shorty is actually more like an intermediate tyre than a full on mud tyre. It’s almost like a ready-made cut-down mud spike in fact.

On sale for only £39.99!

Blackburn Toolmanator 5 Mini Tool – £13.00 – £3.95

Minimalist multi too.

On sale for only £3.95!

Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo 29 x 2.35in tyre – £58.99 – £33.95

On sale for only £33.95!

Available in two versions: the harder compound PaceStar and the softer compound TrailStar. Despite the dampf name this tyre is actually much better suited as a general all rounder tyre than a mud specialist. And a very good all rounder tyre at that.