Fifteen brilliant bargains.

Back to the classic Dirty Deals format this week with fifteen varied offers all sharing the common theme of just being flipping good deals.

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium wireless headphones – £109.95 – £87.99

We don’t ride with headphones in but there are a number of folk who do. Obviously you shouldn’t really do it on roads and even off-road you should keep the volume down so you can hear if anyone else is around you that you should be aware of. That said, you may just be in the market for some decent wireless headphones for your not-riding-a-bike life moments.

Currently on sale for only £87.99!

Oakley Flak Beta Prizm Golf – £120.00 – £70.36

If you scroll past these because they have the word “golf” in their name, more fool you. Oakley’s golfing eyewear translates over perfectly to mountain biking. Light, good coverage, lens tint… all ideal. And funnily enough, they’re cheaper than the near-identical cycling versions.

Currently on sale for only £70.36!

DT Swiss XRC 1250 Spline Carbon 27.5in wheelset – £2,000.00 – £700.00

Simultaneously the most expensive thing in this week’s Dirty Deals and arguably the biggest bargain. A saving of £1,300! With an internal width of 21.5mm they may not be for the fat tyred enduro collective but for regulat trail or XC riders these hoops are an absolute steal.

Currently on sale for only £700.00!

Milkit Compact Set with Injector – £49.99 – £38.39

This tubeless setup kit recently garnered a rare 10 out of 10 perfect rating from mbr’s legendarily picky Paul Burwell. The system really makes light work – and much less mucky mess – of maintaining or setting up tubeless tyres.

Currently on sale for only £38.39!

Easton MTB Tubeless Conversion kit – £24.99 – £10.74

For a few pennies over a tenner this kit is almost worth getting just for the valves and the handy valve core unscrewing tools. You can also keep the tape in your spares drawer for future use; at 29mm width the tape is bang on-trend for modern rim widths.

Currently on sale for only £10.74!

KS Suspension LEV Carbon dropper post – £537.99 – £328.99

A dropper post unashamedly aimed at XC and marathon racers. Not much drop ( 65mm) but still an ample amount for shaven legged lycra abusers who have previously ridden everything (or tried to) with their posts at full height. And it’s carbon, so it must be amazing right?

Currently on sale for only £328.99!

Kore Mega M35 handlebar – £54.99 – £35.99

Buying bars in the sales can be a risky business. There’s usually something a bit odd about them; too narrow, weird sweep, naff colour, oddball rises, outdated clamp size and so on. Not this time. 760mm wide, 5°/8.5° sweep, 20/35mm rise, 35mm clamp, black or grey.

Currently on sale for only £35.99!

Brand-X gear outer – £2.49 per metre – 49p per metre

With the exception of singlespeeding nutjobs, everyone needs gear cabling. With this stuff from Brand X you can sort out a complete 1x drivetrain-ed bike for less than a quid!

Currently on sale for only 49p per metre!

WTB/Kona Volt Sport SE saddle – £89.99 – £38.49

The Volt is a classic saddle for mountain bikers. Broad, flat and slightly rising at the tail, plenty of padding on the nose, nice love groove in the middle to take the pressure off your prize parts. Loads of versions of it exist but this manganese railed one is  a great all-round option.

Currently on sale for only £38.49!

Kore Mega Range Expander sprocket – £39.99 – £17.49

Not everyone is pedalling around on an eleven speed bike with a wide range cassette. Plenty of riders are still on a 10 speed system; it is costly to update your whole drivetrain even when running 1x. So these expander sprockets tjhat give 11-speed ratio range to 10-speed systems are still a popular purchase.

Currently on sale for only £17.49!

Brand-X Lock-on grips – £8.99 – £4.54

What would Kermit ride? Yep, sure these grips may be limited in colour choice – er, green or nothing – but if you can live with that verdant statement or you just don’t really care, these are some fine grips for under a fiver.

Currently on sale for only £4.54!

Spank Spike flat pedals – £89.99 – £62.99

The hypoed trend for wafer thin pedals may have peaked a few years ago but that doesn’t mean that everyone has ditched the idea; for some riders and for some high-BB bikes for that matter, think pedals are still the best choice. Only in red but these Spank flatties are fabulous.

Currently on sale for only £62.99!

Avid BB1 disc brake – £45.00 – £17.49

A disc brake from one of the big brands of brakes for seventeen quid and forty nine pennies. Oof! No frills they may be but if you’re in the market for a decent brake for not a lot of money – here they are ready and waiting.

Currently on sale for only £17.49!

Ragley Stubbing stem – £44.99 – £37.99

It may be an own-brand stem but this Ragley Stubbing is actually totally clued up as to what constitutes a good stem; low 30mm stack height, 40mm length, no-gap clamp design. If you’ve been riding a 50mm stem and been thinking that 10mm difference isn’t worth the switch, it is. Here’s a good way to go.

Currently on sale for only £37.99!

RockShox Reverb Stealth with 1X Remote£375.00 – £249.97

Currently on sale for only £249.97!

Yep, this is the new Reverb that comes supplied with the brand new 1x shifter-style remote. The Reverb surely doesn’t need any further introduction. If you want the very latest version of the market-leading dropper – here it is.