Spend before the summer hols grab all your moolah.

This week’s bundle for everyone who likes cycling and likes a good bargain (which is basically everyone reading this). Dive in!

Shimano M089 SPD shoes – £94.99 – £39.95

Kicking off (geddit?) this week’s Dirty Deals is a stonking deal on a pair of quality Shimano cycling shoes. Classic two Velcro straps and ratchet top strap design for adjustability and security. If you find other shoes a bit too restrictive up front, Shimano are worth trying for their roomier toe box area.

Currently available for only £39.95!

Schwalbe Nobby Nic 27.5 tyre – £64.99 – £29.95

The venerable Nobby Nic remains a favourite amongst cross country riders who prize its fast rolling nature. There are roughly eight billion variations of the Nobby Nic but this sale is for the folding bead tubeless ‘Double Defence’ firm compound version, so would make for a decent rear tyre option.

Currently available for only £29.95!

Crank Brothers Iodine 3 stem (50/65mm) – £89.99 – £44.99

Style for miles and impressively low gram count, Crank Brothers stems aren’t just another boring balck lump on the front of your bike. They’re something that is nice to look at (and maybe fondle a little) during dull climbs or rest stops.

Currently available for only £44.99!

Ale Winter glove – £43.99 – £21.99

Well, that’s it now. The longest day has come and gone and now the night’s are drawing in. It’ll be winter and Christmas before you know it. Well, not really. But now is a good time to buy some cosy gloves for when the temps drop and the (colder) rain arrives. Full-on foul weather gloves from Are.

Currently available for only £21.99!

Altura Attack 180 waterproof jacket – £89.99 – £45.00

Whilst the summer is here you might be a bit fed up by now of only having a thick full-on winter jacket to call upon to protect you during the humid summer showers. Step in Altura and their classy 180 jacket. No nonsense protection in a lighter weight and less clammy form.

Currently available for only £45.00!

Endura Hummvee Lite 3/4 baggy inc. liner – £59.99 – £35.99

No one makes shorts for Brits as good as Endura. They know their market inside out. 3/4 length for a bit of chill protection. 4-way stretch performance to allow for a closer fit without snagging on saddle noses. DWR treatment to help bead splash and spray off the shorts before it has chance to soak in.

Currently available for only £35.99!

Endura Hummvee Ray jersey – £37.99 – £18.48

And while we’re talking about Endura Humvee shorts, here’s the matching top – also in the sale. Which is nice. Three pockets on the back and silicone grippers on the inside of the side-hems make this a deceptively simple looking garment that is a cut above most baggy Tee style jerseys.

Currently available for only £18.48!

OnGuard Brute U-lock – £54.99 – £24.99

Nothing shouts summer like a new U-lock. Okay, so it’s not the most woohoo or inspiring purchase you can make but there’s rarely a time when you regret buying a proper lock for you bike,. Hey, maybe you need one for your imminent cycling holiday? Or to further bolster your home bike security while you’re away on ho.s sunning yourself?

Currently available for only £24.99!

Louis Garneau Rover gloves – £29.99 – £14.99

As well as being a pair of no nonsense stlyoish full fdinger gloves, the Rovers are also worthy of note because they have that D30 squishy-then-hard stuff that you normally find in knee pads. So yes, these a gloves that you can probably punch walls with and survive*.

*please don’t try this

Currently available for only £14.99!

LifeLine Pioneer mini pump – £8.99 – £3.50

This is going to be a struggle to come up with some scintillating words to accompany this product. Er, it’s a no frills mini pump that you might like to purchase. Will that do? It comes with a frame bracket and everything (although at 230mm length it’s better stored in your backpack). Hey, if you need a mini pump – here’s a cheap one.

Currently available for only £3.50!

The Feed Zone Cookbook – £21.99 – £8.97

Stop eating junk. Stop eating so much processed and readymade foods. You know the score. We’re told the same advice all the time. But where’s a recipe book for cyclists who don’t have much time or inclination to spend ages in the kitchen? It’s here. Bargain book with 150 recipes

Currently available for only £8.97!

LifeLine Headset Compression Plug – £5.99 – £2.65

Although technically this is intended for use on road or XC race forks with carbon steerers, there’s nothing to stop you using it on a set of regular MTB forks with metal steerers. It’s certainly easier than trying to deal with inserting star fangled nuts and stuff.

Currently available for only £2.65!

Altura Mayhem waterproof jacket – £109.99 – £54.99

This might a be too cosy for heavy cycling in at the moment but as a autumn-winter riding jacket or an all-year hiking and casual jacket it’s ideal. Plenty of zips to play with while you’re waiting at bus stops. Removable hood if you want to save a bit of rustle and bustle.

Currently available for only £54.99!

Fire Eye Expander 42T sprocket – £49.99 – £24.99

If you’re still on 10 speed – fair play. Most folk aren’t on 11 speed yet. But seemingly everyone is looking to expand their current gearing range. This sprocket slides on to your wheel freehub first, then your existing cassette (minus a sprocket). This sprocket also comes with a 16T sprocket to put into the mix which makes for a much better transition through the gear range.

Currently available for only £24.99!

Alpinestars Sprint backpack – £69.99 – £17.99

We featured an Alpinetars back in last week’s Dirty Deals and it went down really well. So here’s another one we’ve found. A rinky dink pack that’s designed for the short rides and/or minimalist rider. Just the basics but that’s the point. No faff. Just ride.

Currently available for only £17.99!

Easton Haven 35 Carbon bars – £129.99 – £42.99

Currently available for only £42.99!

A decently wide carbon fibre handlebar in the new 35mm clamp standard from one of the originators of said clamp standard. Stiff but nice. Loadsa colourways. Or just black if you prefer.