The biggest Dirty Deals ever?

A whopping 19 items in this week’s Dirty Deals! Is that some kind of record? Yep, we think it is. Well worth waiting the extra day for hey?

Even though we’re busy trawling Amazon to find the best Amazon Prime Day mountain bike deals there, we haven’t forgotten about our weekly round up of Dirty Deals.

Troy Lee Designs D3 Composite full face – £299.99 – £139.99

Whether you’re a seasoned downhiller or someone off on an uplift day or someone preparing for the worst on an Alpine holiday, here’s a massively discounted primo full facer with bucketloads of style and prestige.

Currently available for only £139.99!

FiveTen Freerider Elements – £90.00 – £75.99

In the price-constant world of Five Tens one must pounce on any deal you come across. Normally you do well to find them with 5% or 10% off. Here’s a deal with 16% off. These are the Elements Five Tens – basically a bit of waterproof coating on the outside to help ward off a bit of the soaking.

Currently available for only £75.99!

Alpinestars Faster backpack – £109.99 – £34.99

Who would buy a backpack for over a hundred quid eh? Well, not many by the looks of this deal. Thirty odd quid seems a very good price for a nicely designed 18 litre backpack that comes with an incorporated back protector.

Currently available for only £34.99!

Shimano XT drivetrain – £459.99 – £274.99

Flippin’ ‘eck, this is such a good deal it makes you want to buy even if you don’t even need it! The sort of silly impulse that spare bike projects are born from. Whatever. Bargain XT gears. What more do you need to know?

Currently available for only £274.99!

Easton Flatboy pedals – £79.99 – £33.99

A pioneering classic flat pedal. Some riders have stuck with these pedals for so long that their feet no longer fit into other pedals. Okay, that may not strictly be true but there’s no denying that Easton Flatboys are an iconic bit fo bike lore with an army of devotees who’ll snap them up at this price.

Currently available for only £33.99!

Easton Lock-On grips – £24.99 – £9.49

Have you seen the new Race Face Grippety grips doing the rounds this week? Pretty cool eh? Well, these are the same grips but with Easton stamped on them instead of Race Face (both brands are owned by the same parent company). Save your pennies and tick your pick of the wide range of colours.

Currently available for only £9.49!

Easton Haven dropper post – £349.99 – £149.99

Looking for a dropper post that doesn’t cost the Earth but isn’t from a no-name unproven brand? How about one that in the sale that also has 150mm drop option? Here you go then.

Currently available for only £149.99!

X-Tools Pro Digital Hanging Scale – £32.99 – £22.99

One of the cardinal sins in mountain biking is weighing your bike. You should never do it. You’ll not like what it reveals. But if you simply must get it out of your system – and begin your descent into weight weenie obssessive misery – then these are the scales for you.

Currently available for only £22.99!

X-Tools Pro Ratchet Wrench set – £14.99 – £7.48

Clickety click click. Bzzz bzzz bzzz. Creak creak creak. Snik snik snik. Whatever sound you like to repetitively make you’ll find a way of doing it with this setup. It may seem a bit OTT wif you already have these as separate tools already but once you start using a ratchet to do things like disc rotor bolts and stem bolts you’ll never look back.

Currently available for only £7.48!

Lifeline mudguard – £5.99 – £4.01

Boring and black mudflap. Jazz it up with some stickers though and you’ll be fine. Treat it like a blank canvas. Well worth purchasing for your ‘other’ bike that you  never got round to sorting out with a mudguard. Also worth getting a spare to stash away.

Currently available for only £4.01!

Camelbak Palos bumbag – £74.99 – £53.99

Fannypack ahoy! This one comes with a reservoir though, which is better than most bumbags that just have a cinch-top pocket for shoving a bottle in. Also comes with one of Camelbak’s integrated tool rolls which are just really nice to use out on the trail.

Currently available for only £53.99!

Camelbak L.U.X.E. – £94.95 – £36.99

A female specific hydration pack from Camelbak. What makes it female friendly? Narrower and shorter than the equivalent men’s pack. S-shaped curved shoulder straps. Other than that it’s the usual well designed and well made backpack from leading brand in hydration packs.

Currently available for only £36.99!

Madison Addict 3/4 bib shorts – £64.99 – £29.99

3/4 bibs are something of a cult item. Most riders seeming to prefer to chance it with above-the-knee bib shorts or if the weather’s cold enough, go the whole hog and full leg. 3/4 are a great option and combined with knee pads and a variety of socks, make for a versatile garment you can ride in for at least half the year.

Currently available for only £29.99!

Giro Alpineduro boots – £169.99 – £101.99

Giro shoes are on the pricey side and while everyone can appreciate fine looking footwear there’s not that many folk who are prepared to shell out over the odds for them. Even with this generous discount these Alpineduro boots are still over a hundred quid so may still be OTT for most. But if you’ve been eyeing them up at full SRP…

Currently available for only £101.99!

Bontrager Evoke shorts – £79.99 – £31.99

A semi-fitted baggy short from Bontrager. Comes with a detachable liner short inside. All sizes other than Large currently available.

Currently available for only £31.99!

Ice Toolz Pro Shop Hex and Torx Key set – £42.95 – £25.97

It’s easy to overlook the stand that these tools come supplied with. Allows you to mount them on a wall or on a surface tabletop. All Allen keys from 2mm up to 8mm, each with a ball-ended option. And that green one is a T25 Torx tool for your disc rotor bolts and other fixings that are going the way of Torx these days.

Currently available for only £25.97!

Schwalbe Hans Dampf 27.5in tyre – £34.99 – £22.25

More good Schwalbe tyre sin the sale now that their new Addix compound versions are on the way. Nowt wrong with the previous versions though so stock up your tyre pile now!

Currently available for only £22.25!

SRAM Level TL disc brake – £94.00 – £52.99

“The lever uses much of the same technology – piston, seals, reservoir and bladder – that has been proven in in the SRAM Guide brake. DirectLink technology gives you a solid, positive feel as soon as you squeeze the lever. You can adjust the reach of the lever to get your preferred hand position on the bars. The two piece, matchmaker compatible lever bracket allows you to clean up your handlebars by fitting a SRAM shifter to the same clamp.” – SRAM.

Currently available for only £52.99!

Marin Pine Mountain 27+ bike – £849.99 – £549.99

Currently available for only £549.99!

A quirky little number and no mistake. We reckon you’ll either dig the cut of this bike’s jib or you’ll just shrug your shoulders and move along. A fully rigid purist mountain bike but rolling on fat rubber to cush-up the ride and amp the traction levels.