Get yer bike ready for your Easter adventures.

Here we are again with another of our regular round-ups of brilliant bike-flavoured bargains for y’all.

Get yer bike ready for your Easter holiday adventures.

Oakley Frogskins Urban Jungle Collection – £109.00 – £54.49

Half-price Oakleys! The Frogskins aren’t exactly riding shades admittedly but they are a classic off-the-bike item. These jazzy designed Urban Jungle models will need carefully coordinating –  or just embrace the clash!

Currently available for only £54.49!

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL – £149.00 – £89.40

Not quite half price (40% discount this time) but these are ‘trad’ Oakleys that you can ride your bike in. The XL edition offers enhanced lens coverage and specialized lens curvature for protection against sun wind and impact.

Currently available for only £89.40!

Ass Savers Fendor Bendor Reflective – £12.99 – £7.69

We ain’t out of the woods yet in terms of weather. The Ass Saver is something that you see more and more of poking out of the back of mountain bikers’ saddles. A bit of help against wet chamois syndrome. Cheap, light, quick on/off.

Currently available for only £7.69!

Evoc FR Pro Team Daypack – £149.95 – £99.99

A proper daypack backpack with twenty litres of storage on offer. Multi-sport designed so you can use this whilst hiking, skiing or even freeride grocery shopping. Typically well-made construction from Evoc.

Currently available for only £99.99!

MRP G2 Slalom chain device – £125.00 – £59.99

A bit belt and braces these days but hey… there are still some bikes and riders who are prone the chain dropping. Also for those of you who just don’t trust your narrow-wide chianring and clutch mech to do the job of retaining your chain in place.

Currently available for only £59.99!

HT Components X1T Enduro Race Ti – £199.99 – £111.99

It’s nto often we can sya that a pedal is nearly half-price and it still comes with a checkout price of over hundred quid. But they you go. These are some pretty snazzy and fully featured pedals.

Currently available for only £111.99!

Outland Super Tacky Silicone grips – £13.99 – £7.99

“Ooh, why are these in the sale? They’re chunky high end silicone grips that everyone raves about at the mo”. Why are they in the sale? Because they’re blue, that’s why. If you don’t mind the colour, grab ’em.

Currently available for only £7.99!

M:Part Single Ring XC chain device – £34.99 – £22.99

A bit more of a minimalist and svelte chain device for those of you not looking for the faff and overkill of a classic top slider and bottom roller chain device.

Currently available for only £22.99!

RSP Plummet dropper post – £126.99 – £84.99

A dropper post for under eighty five pounds. Barginz. 30.9 or 31.6mm sizes. 100mm drop. Remote operation. Hydraulically damped, air-free design.

Currently available for only £84.99!

Shimano M530 SPD Trail pedals – £39.99 – £19.99

The Trail SPD design is already established as another piece of classic Shimano. It’s basically a small SPD with a dodgem-bumper built around it. A bit of extra protection against rocks and stumps as well as making it a bit easier to locate and clip back into.

Currently available for only £19.99!

Osprey Escapist 18 backpack – £74.99 – £40.69

Osprey make some of the best made, lightest and well thought-through backpacks out there. Ripstop nylon, AirScape back panel, 16 litres capacity, main compartment, internal zipped divider, internal organiser for tools and spares, external hydration access, helmet holder.

Currently available for only £40.69!

Park Spanner set 6mm to 17mm – £74.99 – £49.99

You don’t use spanners on bikes much these days anymore (it’s all Allen key or proprietary specific tools now it seems) but if you want a nice set of spanners for any reason at all, you want them to be good and have a bike brand on them don’t you?

Currently available for only £49.99!

Birzman Damselfly chain tool – £19.99 – £5.99

Gotta love Birzman tools. Always just bit too expensive to easily justify when there at full RRP but when you see them on sale – you pounce! Their Damselfly chain tool is thing of beauty. And it’s really nice to use as well.

Currently available for only £5.99!

Park CM5 chain cleaner – £29.99 – £15.99

Chain cleaners. There’s another thing that are always just that bit too costly to buy on a whim. And are not exaclty the sort of glam thing that you treat yourself with either. So you don’t buy one. Stop that, get on e of these. Your drivetrain will thank you for it.

Currently available for only £15.99!

Park DT2C Disc Rotor Truing Fork – £19.99 – £11.95

Other than your mate who has yet to ride his new bike, no one has perfectly straight rotors. Even slightly bent rotors reduce feel, power and consistency and in bad instances can cause a surprising amount of drag. Sort out your discs with one of these fab tools.

Currently available for only £11.95!

Seal Line Urban Waterproof messenger bag – £120.00 – £72.00

Stuck for a cool yet functional bag for work and commuting duties? Here y’are. Check out one of these burly, waterproof over the shoulder numbers form Seal Line. Not actually made from seals. We think.

Currently available for only £72.00!

Shimano M7000 cranks – £100.00 – £71.99

Currently available for only £71.99!

NB: no chainring included and intended for use on bike with Boost 148 back ends (for chainline reasons). With those provisos stated, if you’re still viable for one of these cranks then you’re in luck. Arguably Shimano’s best performing and best-looking cranks.