Celebrate the death of January

Hurrah it’s no longer January! Here are the first Dirty Deals from the blessed month of February.

What do we have for you this week? Shades, forks, cranks, dropper posts, carbon riser bars, bleed kits, multi tools, locks, backpacks, bras and much else besides.

Dive in!

Tifosi Rumor sunglasses – £49.99 – £22.49

Okay, so it’s not exactly barbeque weather out there at the mo BUT that’s exactly why you should be shopping for shades. Bargains galore. None better than these off-bike/on-bike gradient glasses from Tifosi.

Currently available for only £22.49!

Manitou Marvel Expert 29 120mm – £409.99 – £223.19

15mm axle. 120mm travel. 29″ wheel. Tapered head tube. ‘Only’ 32mm legs but don’t let that put you off; Manitou forks always punch well above their weight for stiffness.

Currently available for only £223.19!

FSA SL-K Carbon M-Exo 386 XX1 cranks – £499.99 – £139.99

Unidirectional carbon fibre with an alloy spine inside. The chainring is CNC machined from 7075 aluminium. The rings are optimised for use with 11spd and are designed for chain retention. It also features a forged 7075 Mega Exo spindle (compatible with Shimano and Race Face bottom brackets).

Currently available for only £139.99!

Race Face Turbine dropper – £349.99 – from £149.99

This is pretty much the same post as the Easton dropper post. Which you can read our 8/10 review. Available in 30.9mm and 31.6mm sizes in four lengths (350mm, 375mm, 415mm and 440mm) and with three drops (100mm, 125mm and 150mm).

Currently available from £149.99!

Answer Pro Taper SL 750 carbon bar – £129.49 – from £50.33

Answer Pro Taper is an all-time classic marque in handlebars. There’s something about Pro Tapers that just feels right to an awful lot of riders. Perfect shape. These 750mm wide bars are just about wide enough for trial use – although some broader shouldered riders may disagree.

Currently available for only £50.33!

Blackspire ReCOGnigtion expander sprocket – £54.99 – from £28.85

Get some of that 40T+ wide-range goodness in your existing 10spd setup with this cassette sprocket form Blackspire. Comes complete with freehub spacer and longer B-tension screw for your rear mech. Black. silver or blue.

Currently available from only £28.85!

X-Tools Pro Hypo pliers – £9.99 – £4.99

Not an elegant tool by any means but sometimes the only answer. A super useful bit of kit to have in your bike toolbox. Not to mention how many (ab)uses you’ll find for it when doing a bit of DIY!

Currently available for only £4.99!

Elite Nane Side bottle cage – £9.99 – £2.35

Side-loading bottle cages are a godsend for mountain bikes with compact front triangles and/or full suspension bikes thathave linkages and rear shocks that get in the way of traditional top-loading bottle cages.

Currently available for only £2.25!

Avid disc bleed kit inc. fluid – £44.00 – £26.94

Twenty seven quid. That’s about how much a good bike shop will (rightfully) charge you to bleed your set of Avid brakes. Get yourself the tools and equipment, learn how to bleed your Avids and voila! A money-saving, brake performance-improving bargain.

Currently available for only £26.94!

Blackburn Toolmanator 5 mini tool – £13.00 – £3.95

Almost worth getting for the name alone, the Toolmanator from Blackburn is your ideal minimalist companion for racing duties or local loop riding. 3mm, 4mm, 55mm, 6mm Allen keys and a flat blade screwdriver. Weighs 42g.

Currently available for only £3.95!

Avenir smartphone dry bag – £14.99 – £7.04

How long have you been pushing your luck by carrying your smartphone without proper protection? Too long mate, that’s how long. We like this dry bag design due to its slide-over top clip that can be lanyarded to something if required, or even worn around your neck.

Currently available for only £7.04!

OnGuard Pitbull Shackle U-lock plus cable – £50.59 – £22.98

Thinking about your home bike-security after reading our recent story about bike theft and insurance cover levels? A good U-lock and cable is a worthwhile addition to anyone’s garage or shed storage.

Currently available for only £22.98!

Amplifi Orion 12 backpack – £90.00 – £35.99

Not a big brand name in the hydration pack world but this pack from Amplifi still look worth considering. 12 litre storage capacity is a useful ‘Goldilocks’ size. Plenty of storage pockets and sleeves. And zipped pockets on the waistband? Who doesn’t love those?

Currently available for only £35.99!

Five pack of inner tubes – £24.95 – £9.99

Although every man/woman and his/her dog runs tubeless these days, the fact of the matter is that rides still often get rescued by the humble old inner tube. Rip or slash or even burp a tubeless tyre and you may find it impossible to re-inflate it if your tyre or rim misbehaves. And there’s always your mate who’ll need one innit? You should always a tube in your pack. 27.5/29″ with 4omm Presta valves.

Currently available for only £9.99!

High5 Zero Electrolyte drink tablets 20 – £6.99 – £2.79

Bored with water all the time? Can’t be doing with the faff and mess of powder? You need to get some tablets you do. Simply plop one of two of them in your hydration pack bladder (or water bottle) and hit the trails.

Currently available for only £2.79!

Ultimate Hardwear pedal spanner – £9.99 – £3.99

We remember life before owning a pedal spanner. It was hell.

Currently available for only £3.99!

Shock Absorber sports bra – £40.00 – from £13.98

Reflective tape across cups for high visibility when running outdoors. Fully back opening for easy on and off. Gel hook and eye for comfort. Moisture-wicking, advanced sports performance fabricsThe Shock Absorber Run Sports Bra is soft with seamless inners which reduces repetitive friction injury. It has wide, padded, non slip straps with advanced technology.

Currently available from only £13.98!

That’s it for this week’s Dirty Deals. See you next Monday for more bargain hunting.