More travel, more slackness, more length, more lowness - more enduro!

Trek have simplified their MTB range for 2017. The Remedy is now a full-on Enduro bike. The Fuel EX is their Trail bike. The Top Fuel is their XC bike. Got it? Okay then.

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Let’s talk about the Remedy as that’s the model that’s arguably had the most tweaks done to it.

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The Trek 98 model

The Trek 98 model

Need to know

  • 10mm more travel. It’s now a 150mm travel bike with 27.5 wheels
  • A degree slacker. It can be run at 66.5 or 66 degree head angle
  • Longer. Reach has increased by around 11mm (depending on the frame size)
  • Lower. 5mm lower than the previous Remedy
  • Stiffer. Principally due to the use of a straight down tube
  • Weights from 27.8lb (12.6kg) to 32.3lb (14.65kg)

A bit more detail

The move to a straight down tube has stiffened things up but straight down tubes normally mean that fork crowns whack into them in crashes etc. This problem has been solved by Trek introducing something called the ‘Knock Block’.

Trek Remedy launch in Squamish, British Columbia. June 2016.

The Knock Block is essentially a keyed stem that works in conjunction with a tabbed headset cup that limits how far the fork can rotate in the headtube. It’s a bump stop. A steering limiter.

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The Remedy will come supplied with a Knock Block stem from Bontrager but it will be possible to run normal non-Knock Block stems if you prefer by using a special stem spacer device.

The internal cable routing is handled by Treks’ ‘Control Freak’ cable management entry/exit ports. These are adaptable ports in the frame that keep cables in place and prevent cable-creep and unwanted noise.

Trek Remedy launch in Squamish, British Columbia. June 2016.

Other stuff? It’s Boost axled front and rear. It still uses Treks’ full floater ABP suspension design. There are women specific models. It uses Rockshox RE:Aktiv metric-sized shocks.

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Trek Remedy launch in Squamish, British Columbia. June 2016.

The usual Mino Link flip-chip in the rocker link is there offering geometry adjustment. In Steep mode the head angle is 66.5 degrees and the BB height is 343mm. In Slack mode the head angle is 66 degrees and the BB height is 336mm.

More Enduro

As well as the Remedy getting slacker, longer and lower there will also be another “More Enduro” model available called the Remedy Race Shop Limited.

The Race Shop Limited will sport a 160mm fork up front and (in Slack setting) will have head angle of 65.5 degrees and a BB height of 339mm.

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No more Remedy 29?

That’s right. The Remedy 29 is no more.

But stay tuned to as we’ll have something else new from Trek to announce very shortly…