Casey Brown is spearheading a new freeride event in British Columbia, called Dark Horse.

In what is evolving as a breakthrough year for women’s freeride, the August events calendar is stacking with promise.

New Zealand freeride phenomenon, Casey Brown, is taking charge of a new event called Dark Horse. Scheduled for the week preceding Audi’s Nines in August, it will feature eight to twelve of the best women’s freeriders.

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A great rider – with a big idea

Brown requires no introduction. At the forefront of women’s freeride for more than a decade, she was the only female invitee to Red Bull’s Proving Grounds event in 2019. Despite a crash at the end of the Proving Grounds week, Brown’s riding was deeply impressive.

For this season her focus has shifted to the Revelstoke venue, in British Columbia. A new line is being built for the Brown’s Dark Horse event, which will see her women’s freeride attendees boosting six large jumps.

The idea is for these six jumps, on a freshly carved line, to allow riders to really boost it and show that women freeriders can do big air, with the best of them. Expect a great jump train to happen, somewhere during the Dark Horse event.

Dark Horse features will open to all

Beyond the main jump line, Brown’s Dark Horse event will also feature a smaller progression line. For riders to get the feel and perhaps learn a new trick or two, there will also be mulch jump, to practice on.

Although the Dark Horse event will crown a winner, Brown’s vision is to have a group of elite women freeriders, in a healthy peer environment, pushing each other.

Once the Dark Horse event has finished, Revelstoke will incorporate the new six-jump line as part of its trail offering.