MacAskill has a new compilation edit of his best peak lockdown riding – at home.

Is it possible to watch too much of Danny MacAskill? No. Never.

The Scottish trials riding phenom produces a tremendous amount of footage for his edits. And that means some terrific B-roll stuff, that rarely gets featured.

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Getting back to basic

During the peak lockdown in 2020, Danny’s riding was limited to his driveway, like many of us. And to stave off the boredom, keep his mind fit and riding skills sharp, Danny went back to his roots/ And that meant pallets. Lots of them.

“Like so many others, back in Spring of 2020, due to government restrictions, I found myself stuck at home with a lot of time on my hands.”

“When I was younger, pallets were always the go-to obstacles for honing my skills on the trials Bike, so it was only fitting to get 30 of them delivered to the house, turning the driveway into a wee trials park to keep us amused over the Summer”

A foundational component of any trials rider, the pallet allows for all manner of feature building and riding ability. And for Danny, his refamiliarisation with pallets, which were a staple of riding features when he was young, rekindled happy teenage riding memories.

Doing the seemingly impossible – at home

The 30 pallets delivered to Danny were made excellent use of. A series of Instagram shorts were initially produced during 2020. These showed Danny doing what he does best, using the family driveway around his home.

Instead of the elaborate productions that usually accompany his riding, this latest edit is a collection of humbly recorded shorts. All captured on Danny’s Smartphone. Mostly intended for social media.

After a terrifically positive response to these posts when they were initially published, Danny decided to string them all together into a single YouTube edit: Danny’s Driveway.

There is a charming honesty to this latest Danny MacSkill edit, without the perfect post-production colour grading or high-definition cameras.

The riding, as always, is very on theme: entertaining, inspiring and slightly impossible to replicate.