The talented Scottish trials rider is back with another repertoire of inventive, creative and visually stunning tricks across the beautiful city of San Francisco


Danny MacAskill has been pushing the boundaries of what constitutes an ‘edit’ for over ten years, and this new video ‘Postcard from San Francisco’ is quite possibly his best one yet.

While in recent years MacAskill has showcased his skills everywhere from the gym (Gymnasium) to the raw and epic landscape of his home the Isle of Skye (The Slab), it’s getting creative on the streets of Edinburgh that first brought him to global attention back in 2009 with the film Inspired Bicycles.

He returns to his street-riding roots in this latest edit, filmed in San Francisco in the US. Even if you’ve never visited, thanks to the multiple movies, tv shows and of course various action sports films, you’ll likely recognise some of the iconic landmarks that crop up in this film, like Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and the streets of China Town.

MacAskill deploys his trademark skill and creativity to interpret the urban landscape in a way that will, as always, make your eyes pop out of your head.

“Postcard from San Francisco has definitely been a true passion project. Since making my first street film Inspired Bicycles all these years ago I have often focused on different conceptual videos, but this time I really wanted to revisit making a proper pure street film. I knew it was gonna be tough as crashing onto concrete isn’t very pleasant. Some of the lines took over three hundred tries to land and also even a broken kneecap in between. It was really cool to finally push through and get the project done and I am really happy with the outcome.”

But interestingly, this is an edit that was very nearly never made.

The aforementioned broken kneecap – operational knees being somewhat crucial to the riding of bicycles – which happened five years ago during filming nearly put paid to the whole endeavour.

It’s taken MacAskill a lot of hard work and dedicated rehabilitation to get back to his riding best, and boy are we glad he is.

So grab a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy MacAskill doing what he does best.