Two Dannys for the price of one

Trials Danny and Enduro Danny battle each other in the streets of Edinburgh and in the local woods; both of them busting out tricks.

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Who will stomp the most tricks and take the win? Find out by watching.

The video is part of a promo for Crankbrothers Stamp 7 MacAskill Edition flat pedal. Danny’s new signature pedal comes in a black and white design with a 11-13mm profile.

Just like Danny’s alter egos in this video, the pedal comes in two different variations. A small version for a smaller foot (37-43EU) and a large version (43-49 EU).

Danny does actually uses both. The large size when he is on his trials bike and the small size when on his enduro mountain bike.

Danny explains: “I know that may seem backward, but the larger pedal on the trials bike lets me get hold of the pedal more easily. I really feel in control when doing a Tailwhip for instance. Having the smaller pedal on the mountain bike lets me ride more confidently when sneaking by rocks or riding the rutty Scottish trails. The most important thing to me is that the pedal has great strength and stability, while also giving you good grip and feel with threaded pins, which are especially perfect for the wet trails we have here. I have to say the Stamp 7 has been absolutely brilliant so far and I am looking forward to plenty more soggy rides this winter!”

Video description

Crank Brothers: “Sit back and enjoy as Danny MacAskill plays a Game of Bike against… himself. Who will come out on top, Trials Danny or Enduro Danny? Watch to find out! On the streets and in the woods, Danny rides his new signature pedal, the Crankbrothers Stamp 7 MacAskill Edition. On the trials bike he chooses to run the Large size, while on his MTB he chooses the Small size.”