Lunchtime viewing

Watch Danny and his pal Martin Söderström road trip across Germany in an old VW Westfalia camper van, stopping off at some prime street riding spots.

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If you have a full eight and a half minutes of time then feel free to watch the whole thing. It has some nice moments. Like where Danny fills the camper van with the wrong fuel and they breakdown on the autobahn with no hard shoulder. And there’s also the bit where Martin repeatedly – and painfully – tries to do a flare of an old cobbled banked wall, and gives up as night falls.

It’s also illuminating ot see just how truly world famous Danny MacAskill has become; he’s constantly stopped in Berlin to pose for selfies and sign stuff, much to Martin’s amusement.

If you’re pressed for time then you can skip the section between the 2mins mark and 4mins as it’s just Danny driving a car on Continental’s tyre test track (the Contidrom).

If you’re really pressed for time them fast forward all the way until the 6min 30sec mark and watch the sections of Danny riding Berlin street furniture (your ankles will wince as you watch) and the finale of Danny and Martin playing on the legendary Mellowpark skate park.

Video description

Continental Bicycle Tyres: “Join the LederBROsen Danny MacAskill and Martin Söderström on their roadtrip through Germany.”