The WTB CZR trail and enduro range are now available as a built wheelset.

WTB has expanded its wheelset offering with a new carbon build option.

The American mountain bike brand has developed a new 30mm internal diameter carbon wheelset to complement its current aluminium and composite options, of similar size.

WTB’s CZR i30 is designed to offer heavy trail and enduro riders a lightweight but durable wheelset.

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Less spokes – but the same strength

Shaping the product offering to reflect market demand, WTB only provides this new CZR i30 wheelset in the 29er wheel size, with 28h rims.

As mentioned, the core number sees a 30mm internal diameter composite rim, but with fewer spokes than the company’s legacy carbon enduro rim. This should create an ideal mountain foundation for the latest trail and enduro tyre casings.

The CZR i30 wheelset is only available with six-bolt brake rotor mounts, with riders having the option of Shimano MicroSpline or SRAM XDR drivers.

Weights? The complete front wheel rates at 878g, with the XDR equipped rear wheel at 1026 and WTB’s CZR i30 Shimano MicroSpline option at 1033g.

CZR makes tubeless easy

The durability testing that WTB has subjected its new CZR i30 wheelsets to is notable for British riders, who are unafraid of mud.

Two years of development riding in the Pacific Northwest assisted WTB’s product staff in selecting the correct oversized freehub seals. The CZR i30 Frequency rear hubs feature 6-pawl internals and are geared for 5° of engagement.

WTB’s Solid Strip nylon removes the annoyance from mounting tyres and pouring sealant by preventing tubeless tape migration into spoke holes.

Built with double-butted spokes and brass nipples, the WTB CZR i30s price at £600 for a front wheel and £650 for the rear.