A new online store, is boosting CST's mountain bike tyre presence in the UK.

If you are looking for a new tyre option, with quality heritage, CST is now selling direct to UK mountain bikers.

Although mostly an unknown entity for most UK riders, CST is part of the Taiwanese rubber company which also produces Maxxis.

For its new UK online store, CST is marketing a mountain bike tyre offering that is three models strong, mostly targeting committed trail riders.

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CST’s XC option

The least aggressive tyre in CST’s range is its Patrol. With a tread pattern that combines lower rolling resistance, the Patrol is best purposed as a rear tyre. All its tread blocks are siped, with centre blocks featuring double-sipes.

True to its rear tyre suitability, all three diameters of the CST Patrol are only 2.25”. And yes, we said three diameter sizes, as these CST Patrols sizes are available in 29×2.25, 27.5×2.25 and 26×2.25.

If you are rolling 26″ wheels, you now have another option to keep your legacy mountain bike on contemporary rubber, with CST’s Patrol. 

A tyre for enduro and trail riders

If you’d like something from CST with a more pronounced tread, for greater grip the front wheel, there is the Rock Hawk. It has larger tread blocks, with both directional and horizontal patterning in the centre of the tyre’s rolling surface, which should assist its braking.

CST’s Rock Hawk is available in four different sizes, but does not include a 26” diameter option. You can have it in 2.25- or 2.4” wide casings, as a 29er or 27.5” tyre.

CST’s best could be, the BST

The third tyre in CST’s UK range is similar to the classic Minion tread pattern. CST’s BST features large side knobs and two centre tread blocks, in an asymmetrical pattern that repeats between horizontal and directional orientations.

CST is offering the BST in 29×24” and two 27.5” sizes, with either a 2.25- or 2.4” width casing. All the BST’s tread blocks feature deep sipes, to assist in optimizing traction on rocky or rooty terrain.

The entire CST UK mountain bike tyre range is priced at £34.99 per tyre and constructed with 60 TPI casings.