We have searched the corners of the world wide web to unearth the best current deals on the best MTB tyres


We have searched the corners of the web to unearth the best current mountain bike tyre deals. From summer semi slicks to winter spikes.

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Everyone knows you can never have too many tyres. And also, not having the correct tyres for the conditions can be rather crippling if you’re not careful.

Whether you want to slap on some fast rolling summer semi slicks right now or add to your tyre stockpile for future usage (very wise), we have some great deals on brilliant tyres for you here. You really won’t regret buying any of these tyres.

There are so many deals that they’re hard to keep track of, so we’ve scoured through the seemingly endless sea of rubber to pick mountain bike tyre deals on tyres that we particularly recommend at prices that offer genuine savings.

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Current mountain bike tyre deals

Specialized Hillbilly Grid 2Bliss was £42.00, now £29.40

A bargain brute

We say: “Great up front as a general loose conditions (pretty  mcuh all year orund in the UK then!) or as one of the faster rolling predicatble options as a rear tyre in proper filthy mud conditions.”

Buy Now: Specialized Hillbilly Grid 2Bliss tyre from Cycle Store from only £29.40!

Vee Tyres Flow Snap was £54.99, now £35.49

An alternative tyre brand that works

We say: “Predictable straight line grip. Excellent under braking. Tubeless setup is fuss free.”

Buy Now: Vee Tyres Flow Snap from Tredz from only £35.49!

Michelin E-Wild Gum-X was £49.99, now £32.30

Super tough for ebike abuse

Michelin say: “Reduce energy consumption & improve battery life. Tread pattern optimised for front wheel use. Robust casing provides excellent protection.”

Buy Now: Michelin E-Wild Gum-X from Tweeks Cycles from only £32.30!

Schwalbe Eddy Current Super Gravity Rear was £62.99, now £41.50

Basic block tread works brilliantly on all types of chunky bike

Schwalbe say: “Eddy Current Rear tyres dig deep into the ground when you brake and converts the full power of the motor into propulsion during acceleration. The large footprint of the 2.8-inch-wide tyre and the sturdy center blocks provide the necessary traction.”

Buy Now: Schwalbe Eddy Current Super Gravity Rear from Merlin Cycles from only £41.50!

WTB Verdict Wet TCS Tough High Grip was £57.99, now £31.99

“My what big teeth you have.”

We say: “If WTB did fairy tales, the WTB Verdict Wet would be the big bad wolf; fanged and fearless, chewing through wintery conditions and making mincemeat of mud.”

Buy Now: WTB Verdict Wet TCS Tough High Grip tyre from Chain Reaction Cycles from only £31.99!

Maxxis Assegai was £55.00, now £38.99

The pure grip is unquestionable

We say: “Many of Maxxis’ most popular tyre designs are based on definite cornering strips or gaps between edge blocks and centre treads, but the Assegai fills in the blanks on the shoulder with extra toothy knobs, so there’s less dead space. It also has taller tread blocks, more like a Shorty, making it look a bit of mashed-up mud tyre with tighter knob spacing so it can work in the dry too.

Buy Now: Maxxis Assegai from Tweeks Cycles from only £38.99!

Maxxis Shorty 3C EXO TR was £59.99, now £37.99

Super capable tyre for natural riding

We say: “Maxxis’ superb rubber is a big factor in the performance — it feels predictable everywhere and lasts reasonably well considering the grip on offer. The spaced-out Shorty knobs are noticeably slow rolling, and a tad lumpy on hard surfaces, but the weight and mid-thickness casing, with EXO protection, add up to just about a perfect blend for most UK winter trail riding.

Buy Now: Maxxis Shorty 3C EXO TR from Merlin Cycles from only £37.99!

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Michelin DH Mud was £64.99, now £44.99

Ride with more confidence in the wet

We say: “Across disgusting slop, big roots, off-cambers and edges that usually put the fear into you, the deforming tread blocks dampen any unexpected pings or grip outages, making you feel super-safe.”

Buy Now: Michelin DH Mud tyre from Tweeks Cycles from only £44.99!

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Schwalbe Magic Mary was £61.99, now £40.00

An aggro-enduro all-rounder

We say: “Schwalbe Magic Mary has always been super grippy and now lasts longer and rolls faster than before. It works really well even in the drier months.”

Buy Now: Schwalbe Magic Mary from Merlin Cycles from only £40.00!

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Maxxis Minion DHR II was £55.00, now £32.99

Best all-rounder of the modern era

We say: “Maxxis Minion DHR II WT arguably offers the most grip of all Maxxis models suitable for mixed conditions, and works fine year round. With its blocky tread slabs and pronounced shoulder channel, the Minion is a mountain bike classic and regular winner of our group test.”

Buy Now: Maxxis Minion DHR II from Tweeks Cycles from only £32.99!

What are you waiting for? Pick any one of these mountain bike tyre deals and you’ll be laughing. Get adding to your big pile of tyres in the garage/shed/bedroom now! An average bike with great tyres is much better than a great bike with average tyres. Fact.