We have searched the corners of the world wide web to great deals on the best MTB tyres from the current two best brands in the business.


We have searched the corners of the web to unearth the best current mountain bike tyre deals. From summer semi slicks to winter spikes.

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Everyone knows you can never have too many tyres. And also, not having the correct tyres for the conditions can be rather crippling if you’re not careful.

Whether you want to slap on some fast rolling summer semi slicks right now or add to your tyre stockpile for future usage (very wise), we have some great deals on brilliant tyres for you here. You really won’t regret buying any of these tyres.

There are so many deals that they’re hard to keep track of, so we’ve scoured through the seemingly endless sea of rubber to pick mountain bike tyre deals on tyres that we particularly recommend at prices that offer genuine savings.

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Maxxis mountain bike tyre deals

Maxxis Assegai

Best for: Pure gravity assisted grippers

SRP: £64.99

Initially just a DH tyre, with soft compound and heavy-duty casing, the Assegai range has recently been broadened to include trail-worthy options, which is great news for all of us. The reinforced EXO+ casing tested here brings greater support in corners and protection from slashed sidewalls, making it ideal for hard hitting trail duties and enduro riding, while remaining light enough to pedal around all day. The directional tread pattern grips hard in a wide range of conditions, with the Max Terra compound striking a great balance between stickiness and rolling resistance. Another banging tyre from the Maxxis stable.

Maxxis DHR II

Best for: The best all-rounder rear tyre available

SRP: £64.99

While the classic Minion DHR 2 paddle and block tread pattern remains reassuringly unchanged, this new version gets a beefed up EXO+ casing to better resist cuts and tears. It sits between the burly Double Down and the lightweight EXO, benefitting from an extra SilkShield layer borrowed from Maxxis’s road bike tyres. It adds around 100g per tyre, but there’s still good pliancy in the sidewall, so it’s comfortable, and the extra protection keeps you rolling in sharp, chunky terrain.

Maxxis DHF

Best for: A faster rolling yet capable front tyre

SRP: £64.99

The classic ‘L’ shaped lugs and long rectangular, ramped centre knobs remain, but the tread pattern is pumped up to suit the bigger casing. The Minion has always been a fast favourite in loose and dry terrain, but in the wet, doesn’t quite bite as hard as more splayed out treads in softer dirt. With increased air volume, the 2.5 can be run a few psi lower, upping comfort and conformity, and laying down more rubber, so grip levels have really ramped up.

Maxxis High Roller II

Best for: Front or rear predictability

SRP: £64.99

Previous non-WT (Wide Trail) High Roller II tyres laid down the most Maxxis tread on normal trail bike wheels and cornered with excellent breakaway predictability. The good news is that the brand’s later generation of WT ramp up grip levels even further. Perhaps the latest Minion DHR II slightly edges the High Roller II in pure grip overall, the High Rollers earn their name in better rolling speed.

Maxxis Shorty

Best for: Loose conditions, the muckier the better

SRP: £54.99

Maxxis’ superb 3C rubber formula is a big factor in the performance — it feels predictable everywhere and lasts reasonably well considering the grip on offer. The spaced-out Shorty knobs are noticeably slow rolling, and a tad lumpy on hard surfaces yet the whole package adds up to just about a perfect blend for most UK winter trail riding. There has been a new Maxxis Shorty II announced recently with revised centre tread so now is the time to stock up on original Shortys if they’re your fave tyre.

Schwalbe mountain bike tyre deals

Schwalbe Dirty Dan

Best for: Out and out mud tyre that’s more predicatable than a full-on spike

SRP: £64.99

Dirty Dan is the enduro racer’s tyre of choice when the tracks are muddy. Tall blocks bite into soft and loose terrain. The sturdy carcass withstands a beating and holds up loads of support when riding hard. The large gaps provide the necessary self-cleaning and braking traction. A modern classic.

Schwalbe Magic Mary

Best for: A dependable performer you can leave on all year

SRP: £58.99

Try and get the version with the orange strip which means ‘Soft’, which replaces the old ‘Trailstar’ compound. The Magic Mary is already one of our ultimate 50/50 options for aggressive riding in mixed conditions, and with those on-steroids, reinforced edge blocks it’s still in full effect. For UK trail riders, the open spaced tread pattern makes a lot of sense year round with good mud clearing in gloop, and this new soft compound and tread feels super confident in the steeps on wet rocks and roots.

Schwalbe Rock Razor

Best for: rear-specific speedy rubber for the dry months

SRP: £49.99

There’s a slide-to-grip sensation that’s basically a heap of fun, without ever feeling too sketchy. The new Addix soft version is unexpectedly decent in damp conditions too, with adequate grip and braking hold in everything but proper mud. The Rock Razor nails it – the huge air volume enables lower pressures for good comfort, the casing doesn’t flex too much laterally and there’s a surprising amount of stopping power.

Deals don’t last long

What are you waiting for? Pick any one of these mountain bike tyre deals and you’ll be laughing. Get adding to your big pile of tyres in the garage/shed/bedroom now! An average bike with great tyres is much better than a great bike with average tyres. Fact.