We have searched the web to find great deals on the best mud and winter specific mountain bike tyres, all from the most respected brands in the business


We have searched the corners of the web to unearth the current deals on the best mountain bike tyres for the wetter winter weathers.

Everyone knows you can never have too many tyres. And also, not having the correct tyres for the conditions can be rather crippling if you’re not careful. Like us, you’ve probably found yourself flailing about a bit too much on damp trails lately. Don’t just put up with it. The dampness is here for a good while yet! Having a set of wet weather tyres is kind of like having a whole other bike. Which goes some way to help cope with the increase cost of flipping tyres these days.

An average bike with appropriate tyres is much better than a great bike with inappropriate tyres. Fact.

There are so many deals – and so many tyre sizes and widths etc – that they’re hard to keep track of, so we’ve scoured through the seemingly endless sea of knobbly, wide-gapped wet weather rubbers to pick mountain bike tyre deals on tyres that we particularly recommend at prices that offer genuine savings.

NB: some of the retailers’ pages may initially display a different size version of the tyre than you expect – don’t forget to select the size/width that we’ve highlighted below to get to the tyre you want.

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Mountain bike mud tyre deals:

Schwalbe Big Betty 29 x 2.4in £64.99 £52.00
This is not promoted as a mud tyre as such but we’ve had great experience of this wide paddled tread tyre in looser conditions. Available in Super Downhill casing, ideal for rear tyre life.

View Deal at Tweeks Cycles

Michelin Mud Enduro 29 x 2.25in £54.99 £46.99
“Ideal choice to get you through the tricky muddy terrains you may face. You will always be in control thanks to the extra grip technology, with tall blocks allowing you to dig into the ground.”

View Deal at ProBikeKit

Schwalbe Eddy Current Front 29 x 2.4in £59.99 £43.49
Another not-specific-mud tyre design that does well in loose terrain – especially when it comes to brute braking and climbing grip – due to its spaced out paddle tread layout.

View Deal at ProBikeKit

Maxxis Shorty 3C DD 27.5 x 2.5in £69.99 £30.50
The most popular mud tyre of all time? In the UK at least anyway. This is the Mk1 Shorty – which is arguably better than the new Mk2 for use on the rear for the average UK mountain biker.

View Deal at ProBikeKit

Schwalbe Magic Mary 27.5 x 2.4in £62.99 £42.99
“Strong shoulder studs and aggressive, open tread design provide maximum braking traction and cornering grip even in extremely muddy terrain.”

View Deal at ProBikeKit

Schwalbe Dirty Dan 27.5 x 2.35in £64.99 £44.99
“The specialist for sludge. For deep soils and soft terrain. Excellent brake traction and extremely good self-cleaning characteristics thanks to the large stud gaps.”

View Deal at Tredz

Continental Mud King XC 27.5 x 1.8in £49.95 £16.99
A slightly old skool approach to mud tyres; a narrow slicer of a tyre as opposed to the other tyres on this Deals roundup which are much more voluminous. Great for hacking XC jaunts.

View Deal at Wiggle

Pirelli Scorpion Soft Terrain 29 x 2.4in £51.49 £23.99
“For a speedy performance over mud and unstable terrain, this tyre from Pirelli is a perfect choice. The tread features deep, widely-spaced knobs that sink into the ground surface.”

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Vittoria Mota G2.0 27.5 x 2.35in £54.99 £36.99
“This all-weather mountain bike tyre features an aggressive and generously spaced tread profile that bites firmly into the dirt and clears mud and debris efficiently.”

View Deal at Wiggle

Kenda Gran Mudda AGC 27.5 x 2.40in £49.99 £34.99
“Kenda has also equipped this model with tall and spikey knobs, which bite into the ground and offer super predictable braking and cornering support on your trail adventures.”

View Deal at Wiggle

Deals don’t last long

What are you waiting for? Pick any one of these mountain bike tyre deals and you’ll be laughing. Get adding to your big pile of tyres in the garage/shed/bedroom now!