Never, ever not-amazing

There is no one like Chris Akrigg. He is the cult choice of mountain bikers. He does pseudo-trials stuff on a regular full suspension trail bike.

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He doesn’t make things look easy. Everything he does looks hard. But not in a awkward or scary way. It looks physical. Balletic hustling.

Akrigg can spend hours sessioning and mucking about on a feature that the rest of would simply roll past and get on with the rest of our ride. He doesn’t look at the world like most mountain bikers. He has more of a skateboarder’s or trials rider’s vision.

And for all you bike geeks, you’ll notice that he’s on a new Mongoose that we think is a Mongoose Teocali with the new Free Floating suspension design; a Horst link 4-bar. Nice-looking bike that is a big departure from Mongoose designs of yore.

Video description

Mongoose Bikes: “Chris Akrigg got a little taste of what Barcelona had to offer on the Mongoose Espana team trip, and it was so rad that he had to go back for more. He decided to book a trip back to Spain to complete what he couldn’t get done because of the weather. Watch as Chris freerides his way through the Spanish dirt, rocks and trees, thrashing his Teocali and showing off his vast arsenal of trials skills.”