The Jedi downhill bike gains bigger wheels and a revised high-pivot suspension design.

Amid the current trend towards high-pivot everything, Canfield has updated its downhill offering with bigger wheels.

The American boutique trail, enduro and downhill brand has a long history of high-pivot idlers. And the design works particularly well with Canfield’s High-Pivot Formula 1 suspension design.

For those downhill riders who prefer the rollover of larger wheels, the Jedi is now available as a 29er, with a slightly revised shock position.

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Simple looks – trick suspension

As with all Canfield frames, the Jedi’s design aesthetic is purely utilitarian.

These are bikes built to achieve a specific geometry and suspension outcome instead of being slavishly styled for the gravity fashion police.

With the 2022 update, Canfield enables 29er wheels to work with the Jedi’s 203mm of rear suspension. And the geometry is what you would expect for a boutique downhill rig: slack and short at the back.

Compact rear – that grows

Head angles sit at 62.5-degrees across the range and on a size large, you balance over 475mm of reach. The Jedi 29er also has a remarkably compact rear triangle, with 427mm chainstays.

With a rearward axle path allowed by the high-pivot suspension design, that chainstay length actually lengthens to an effective 443mm under compression – without too much sacrificial strain stretch, which is limited to only 1mm.

Loyal followers of all things Canfield, will notice the Jedi 29 has its shock head mounted to the down tube, instead of the top tube’s underside – as is the case on the 27.5” downhill bike.

Available in raw aluminium, orange or black, the Jedi 29 can be had an Ohlins TTX22 coil or EXT Arma rear shock. Canfield also offers frame and front suspension options, or complete builds, with a Manitou Dorado Expert or Pro fork.