A tidy looking pump-or-jump bike to finish the week with. Check out the new Calibre Astronut. A bundle of fun for £550.

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Calibre Astronut press release

Introducing the latest bike in the Calibre line up, the Astronut dirt jump bike. At the core of Calibre is a group of stoked riders who just fancied a bike to take down to the local BMX track and give a razz around the pump track. Here’s what we came up with.

The Astronut is available now for £550, international shipping available.

Featuring a pro-level jump frame as ridden this year on the Crankworx World Tour by Simon Pagès, the Astronut brings you true FMB level performance at the cost of many frame-only packages from other brands.

The bike comes equipped with Manitou Circus Sport forks, a proper 20mm bolt through DJ fork designed to take every case you can throw at it and a half link chain to allow for fine tuned adjustment of the rear centre length. Want more stability? Run it a little longer. Want a shorter rear end for snappier manuals? Run it a little shorter.

A mech hanger is included, should you wish to build up a 4X machine and a sliding brake mount means the brake will always be in the correct position when compared to the rotor – we’ve worked hard to incorporate details like this to set the Astronut apart from much of the competition.