New Flow App, Kiox 300 display, LED control unit, PowerTube 750 battery and the Performance Line CX motor gets news electronics (mechanically stays the same).

First of all, calm down all your torque-heads. The Bosch motor remains the same. No more Nm unlocked over the current 85Nm. This new stuff from Bosch is about everything else except the motor in fact. Display, remote control, phone app and battery.

Second of all, look away now all you existing 2021 Bosch owners. None of the new stuff is retro-fittable. Bosch 2022 Smart System only works with 2022 Bosch stuff. Sorry. Safe to say however, it will be featured heavily in some of the best electric mountain bikes coming out in 2022.

Here are some quick headline features we grabbed from the media presentation:

Bosch Smart System need to know

  • 750Wh battery, 4.4kg, 50% charge in 2.5hrs, won’t retrofit into 625Wh frames.
  • New charger required for 750Wh battery.
  • Cosmetic changes to motor housing. Internally all the electronics are new. Mechanical aspects stay the same.
  • New app called eBike Flo with fully adjustable motor characteristics and activity tracking (tracking starts when you start pedaling automatically – no need to take phone out).
  • Regular over-the-air software updates (no need to go to bike shop anymore). Updates can be transferred phone-to-bike with Bluetooth.
  • New smaller, more informative/useful remote (weather forecast!)
  • New compact Kiox 300 display. Can use bike without Kiox display fitted.
LED remote control unit

LED remote control unit

Kiox 300 display

Kiox 300 display

PowerTube 750 battery

PowerTube 750 battery

Press Release

Smart, forward-looking and customisable: The eBike Flow app

Download to discover a uniquely connected experience. The eBike Flow app is the central connection to the eBike and the key to the connected biking experience. Over-the-air updates always keep the eBike up to date and continuously enhance the eBike experience with new, innovative features. The app lets you customise riding modes, record activities completely automatically, and integrate fitness apps such as Apple Health.

Intuitive, innovative, ergonomic: The LED Remote control unit

A fully connected control centre that’s fun to use. The LED Remote can be operated easily, comfortably and intuitively with the thumb. Using different colours, the LEDs indicate the respective riding mode, which is easy to recognise while riding. Also practical for those who want to be on the road without a display when eBiking: The LED Remote is sufficient to control the eBike system and displays the most important information about the eBike, such as the current charge status and support level. The LED Remote is connected with the eBike Flow app via Bluetooth and thus the Internet.

Stylish, robust, clear: The Kiox 300 display

The robust companion on sporty rides. The Kiox 300 display provides a clean eBike look on the handlebar and is easy to read in any riding situation. With the display, all relevant fitness data can be displayed to optimise your training. Through regular ‘over the air’ updates, Kiox 300 always stays current and thus promises a lot of fun on sporty rides or on the trail, including in the future. The buttonless colour display is controlled via the LED Remote and is connected to the eBike Flow app. Using the display holder, Kiox 300 can be ideally positioned on the handlebar according to the rider’s preference.

Enduring, elegant, reliable: The PowerTube 750 battery

The new flagship rechargeable battery for long and challenging rides. The PowerTube 750 offers the maximum range in the current Bosch eBike battery portfolio and is optimally designed for many metres of climbing and even longer distances. The lithium-ion battery can be integrated into the eBike frame and is characterised by a particularly high energy density at a weight of approx. 4.4 kilograms. The PowerTube 750 can be charged to 50% in just over two hours and fully in about six hours using the 4A Charger.