If it's got wheels and pedals, Tracy has raced it at the highest level

Three bike garage. This is where our favourite people pick their ultimate bike stable. This month’s are chosen by Tracy Moseley, mountain bike legend.

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The modern: 2013 Trek Remedy 29

“I retired from DH world cup racing in 2011 and spent 2012 having a dabble at some XC-eliminator races and investigating this ‘enduro world’ that was taking place all over France and Italy. Only one year later in May 2013 I found myself lining up in Punta Ala at the first ever World Enduro race!

“The more remarkable thing was that I was racing on a 29er. I can’t say I was ever anti 29er, but I just didn’t see the need, I felt as though I was riding my 26in wheel bike just fast enough, and couldn’t imagine that bigger wheels would be such a game changer for me. I literally got on the new Trek Remedy 29er during practice and never got off. This was the first generation alloy frame, and we really didn’t have any selection of Bontrager tyres; I remember just riding XC casing with loads more pressure.”

The classic: John Tomac’s Raleigh

“This has to be my one first memories images of professional mountain biking. It’s not the bike really, or the fancy titanium parts, or all that retro stuff that people drool about now, as I’m not super mechanically minded, but for me it was just that noise! It was the rumbling of that Tioga Disc drive that just sounded so cool, so pro and so fast!

“Who better to be the rider that I remember so clearly riding it than John Tomac; the ultimate all round MTB racer. As I have tried to become more of an all round mountain biker, and as I encourage youngsters to be good at multi-disciplines, he was the original icon of our sport and man to aspire to be more like.”

The one that got away: Cannondale Fulcrum DH bike

“I can’t believe I am really old enough to have been around at the advent of the DH bike that we now know! Having started off racing downhill on an XC hardtail, I remember walking through the camping field at a national DH race when I got my first proper DH bike, the Cannondale Super V with big triple crown Moto forks. People came out from cars and tents to have a look at this new bike. Only a few years later, when DH bikes were evolving like crazy, I was on the UK Volvo Cannonade team, and I did get one of the iconic blue and yellow bikes, but I never got the one with all the linkages, chainrings and crazy looking engineering! That was just for the World team of Anne-Caro and Cedric Gracia.

“It was such a striking bike, and the professionalism that also went along with that team just made it something any teenage kid just getting into the sport would spend hours staring at and wishing they could have a go on. I was that teenage kid!”