E by gum.

The new Scott E-Genius is as aggressive and progressive as the non-motorised Genius and the move to Shimano motor has had a big impact.

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It seems like only yesterday (well, last week) that Scott revealed their non-motorised new Genius. So it perhaps doesn’t come as a huge surprise that there’s a new electric Genius to go with it.

2018 Scott E-Genius need to know

  • 27.5in or 29in wheels via as flipchip in the linkage
  • Big tyre clearance (27.5in x 2.8in / 29in x 2.6in)
  • 150mm travel at either end
  • Twinloc remote
  • Progressive geometry
  • New suspension design

scott e-genius

Shimano STEPS E8000 motor influence

Scott use of the 70Nm/250W Shimano STEPS E8000 electric motor has enabled/caused them to change the layout of the new E-Genius significantly when you compare it back to the previous version.

Perhaps the two most important changes that have arisen from the use of the STEPS motor are the shorter chainstays (down from 490mm to 460mm) and the vastly improved tyre clerance (27.5+ rubber and the new 2.6in 29er tyre sizings).

scott e-genius

Further down the line, E-Genius owners will appreciate the use of proper Hollowtech BB/cranks for reasons of longevity, stiffness and Q-factor (a respectable 177mm distance between the pedals).

The lithium-Ion battery capacity is now up to 500Wh. It can be charge up to 80% full in a mere 2.5 hours.

Scott have really gone to town with designing the covers for the motor and the down-tube battery (the latter is locked in place via an Abus lock system). There are air cooling channels and integrated cable layout for power, lights and the speed sensor. A skid plate also protects the underside of the motor from sump-whacks and scrapes.

scott e-genius

E-TUBE smartphone app

The motor comes with the usual array of assist levels/modes: Eco, Trail and Boost. For MY2018 (Model Year 2018) firmware you can connect via Bluetooth to the brain of motor and customise your own desired % of assistance in both the Trail and the Boost modes via the E-TUBE smartphone app.

scott e-genius

New Virtual Four Bar suspension layout

The new motor also gave Scott the chance to play with the suspension leverage ratio. The E-Genius suspension is now the same as the new non-motorised Genius’ curve ie. progressive. Supple around the sag point, supportive in the mid-stroke zones for both pedalling and overall handling.

Scott have secured an exclusive-to-them version of the Fox Nude Evol rear shock and they’ve duly paired it with their TwinLoc remote-adjustable system.

Regarding geometry, the 2018 E-Genius is pretty much identical to the non-motorised 2018 Genius. A couple of degrees hacked off the head angle and a couple added to the seat angle.

scott e-genius

Other neat touches

The speed sensor is not a crude spoke-mounted magnet affair as with most e-bikes. Scott have moved the sensor to the disc rotor lockring. Neater, more out of harm’s way and – let’s be frank – it’s just a cool bit of tech.

Chainstay mounted kickstands will always provoke a sneer from many a rider but they are rather useful on e-bikes, especially if the rider is infirm in any way.

Adaptable chain guide mounted on the swingarm that can accept multiple different chainring sizes.

scott e-genius

Scott E-Genius models

There are six models in total. We have no confirmed UK prices yet. We’ll update this page when we get ’em.