Putting the electric cat amongst the purist pigeons

At Eurobike Rotwild unveiled their new R.G+ FS electric downhill bike. A 200mm travel beast with Brose motor.

The press release contains many phrases sure to provoke the ire of the anti-electric puritan biking brigade: “From now on biking areas no longer need to be equipped with a lift or a shuttle as it is now easy to get to the start any time or place. Simply put – more fun, less organisation.”

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Regardless of your ‘moral’ position on edownhill bikes there’s no denying that this looks like rather a sorted machine. It looks pretty much like a regular downhill bike.


There are the usual touches found on regular downhill bikes too. Integrated shock mount, adjustable head angle, adjustable chain stay length, integrated fork bumpers and so on. The geometry table is very DH too (although it’s a shame there’s no XL)…


The electric-specific features is a suspension curve designed with an “anti-squat has also been specifically optimised to the higher chain hoist of an electric drive”.


Interestingly, the Brose motor “is completely decoupled and therefor ensures that no additional resistance is noticeable when pedalling after cutting out.”

We’ve no word on how much one of these e-beasts weighs yet.

The R.G+ FS is available in two versions: Evo (€8,999) and Pro (€7,999).