Fantastic Plastic Swoop

The Radon Jab is another sharp looking 160mm travel enduro bike with a carbon frame and a tempting price tag from a direct sales bike brand from Germany.

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Radon Jab need to know

  • 160mm carbon enduro bike
  • 27.5 wheels
  • Four-bar design (with ‘hidden’ Horst-link)
  • 65.2° or 65.8° head angle*
  • 74.6° or 75.2° seat angle*
  • *Flip-chip in rocker link changes geometry
  • Trunnion shock mount
  • 1x or 2x compatible
  • Piggy back shock friendly
  • Internal cable routing
  • Boost
  • Press Fit bottom bracket
  • Direct sales
  • Builds from €3,599 (equates to approximately £3,200, Brexit-depending)
radon jab

Manon Carpenter aboard the Radon Jab

If you’ve never heard of Radon then the first thing you need to know is that they are a direct sales bike brand based in Germany. Very much in the YT Industries and Canyon vein and similarly offering minus-the-middleman prices with no bike shop involvement.

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We’ll not go into the pros and cons of buying a bike online suffice to say that the principle pro is the price tag and the main con is the lack of face-to-face support and setup.

Right then. The Radon Jab. What is it? Despite a press release that is rather OTT, MarketingSpeak heavy and yet a bit scant on actual information (someone in their PR dept needs less caffeine and a lie down) we can reveal that the Jab is essentially a carbon version of the Radon Swoop with 10mm less travel. So it’s partly a replacement for the Radon Slide Carbon 160 that came out in 2014 too.

Radon Jab geometry

radon jab

Radon have always been fairly progressive and up to date with geometry. It’s one of the things they used to have over their direct-sales rivals. We say “used to” because both YT and Canyon have upped their geometry game of late and Radon aren’t the sole bleeding edge brand these days.

That said, the Radon Jab looks to be a very exciting prospect and it’s always good to see another long and slack 160 bike to put on your shortlist.