The brand that does it all inhouse, reveals its new Cyon and Hydra models.

Forestal is an Andorran mountain bike brand with a difference – all its bikes feature mid-drive motors.

The entire range, which has long been teased, is now finally available for sale and as a specialist e-bike company, Forestal’s designs are striking.

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Forestal does its own 60Nm motor – and more

Whereas most e-bikes source their motors and other crucial components from suppliers, Forestal retains fierce independence. It has does everything: producing its own carbon-fibre frames, mid-drive motors and battery packs.

Two bikes that will of particular interest to aggressive trail and gravity riders are the Cyon and Hydra. Both bikes feature the signature Alpha Box carbon-fibre frame, with its Twin Levity linkage drive single-pivot.

With an asymmetric frame design, Forestal has managed to package a lot of suspension travel and room for a water bottle, in the front triangle of its new e-bikes.

Trail and long-travel options

The Cyon features 150mm of front and rear travel, with a 65.5° head angle and roomy 490mm of reach on a size large. Rolling 29er wheels it is pedal-assisted with Forestal’s own 250W mid-drive motor, which draws power from a 360Wh battery pack.

Riders who desire an e-bike to act as that independent downhill shuttle alternative can opt for Forestal’s Hydra, with its 63° head angle. It features a coil-sprung rear, with 170mm of travel, and a 180mm dual-crown front fork, from RockShox or Öhlins, depending on spec.

Interestingly, both bikes have the same mid-rive motor and battery specifications, although the Hydra is heavier.

Smaller motor, slicker handling

With most e-bikes standardizing the 500W motor as a standard, Forestal’s 250W Eon mid-drive system might appear slightly underwhelming. Product planners and engineers at Forestal clearly value the weight saving of a smaller mid-drive motor, for its lessened influence on an e-bike’s overall handling agility.

As one would expect from a boutique e-bike brand, Forestal’s trail and downhill models aren’t cheap. An entry-level Cyon prices from €8299 with the premium derivative at €12 599.

If you like the idea of a coil-sprung e-bike with that RockShox or Öhlins dual-crown fork, Forestal’s Hydra starts at €9999 and peaks at €12 099.