Despite the clinical name the Q720 is in fact a very competent package in terms of performance and specification. It’s exceptionally composed on the move and features a no-nonsense, highly serviceable build from RockShox (the lockable Jet 2 popular among the dozen) and Shimano, including one of only two sets of plush Shimano hydraulic discs. Apart from the test bike’s poorly tensioned rear wheel and quickly misshapen WTB hoop, the only sticking point for us was a slightly racy XC bias. However, the set-up did provide the sense of a light ride despite the average weight figures. A shorter stem would add any vacant technical confidence to a bike that in standard guise already rockets uphill. Like DiamondBack, Felt also showcases the high end trickle down of hydroforming technology in its frame design. After making last year’s top six, not wanting to damn with faint praise but it turned out to in be the almost-but-not-quite category. It missed the top six by the narrowest of margins.