Meet the $7,950 Seven CrossFit.

Fitness-regime brand CrossFit looks like it’s about to officially incorporate cycling into the multi-sport fold with a titanium 27.5+ bike from Seven.

crossfit bike

Seven CrossFit bike

  • 27.5+ titanium fully rigid mountain bike.
  • 45mm wide rims.
  • 3.0″ tyres.
  • ENVE carbon fork.
  • Weight 23 lb (frame weight 3.9 lb).
  • S, M, L, XL sizings.
  • 70-71° head angle, 73-75° seat angle (geometry depends on frame size).

For those of you who don’t know what it is, CrossFit is a fitness regime brand created by Greg Glassman back at the turn of the century. It’s fitness put into a sporting format involving various activities such as interval training, weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics and sweaty stuff like that.

CrossFit is a big thing at the moment. Chances are you know someone who does CrossFit. Chances are they’ve told you and have tried to convert you to their new ‘religion’. It’s one of those activities – like mountain biking – that can turn normal people into preachers.

Why now?

Anyway, back to this new bike. Why have CrossFit commissioned Seven to make an Official CrossFit Bike? We suspect it’s because the CrossFit Games (the World Cup of CrossFit) is set to move to Madison, Wisconsin and there’s rumours of triathlon being featured.

The last time triathlon was in the CrossFit Games back in 2012 at Camp Pendleton the course featured rocky and sandy terrain. This notorious course saw pretty much all the competitors have to get off and carry their road-going triathlon bikes on these sections.

So a bike that can handle that sort of mild off-road stuff but isn’t OTT for the rest of the course sounds like it might be an idea. This idea to be exact.

The new Seven CrossFit bike appears to be a fully rigid 27.5+ mountain bike with a titanium frame handmade by Seven paired with a carbon fork from ENVE.

It’s intended as a go-anywhere, do-anything bike. A jack of all trades bike that, while being a master of none, looks like it would serve its purpose really rather well we must say.