Behold the Bicycle of Springs

What would happen if you replaced a bike’s front triangle with a set of industrial springs? You’d have the most full suspension bike ever, for a start.

YouTube legend Colin Furze has a new video that shows him removing a hardtail mountain bike’s front triangle tubes and replacing them with… springs.

An admirably simple idea that turns out to be a bit tricksier – and much more expensive – than perhaps Colin first imagined.

Although maybe Colin knew all along it would be something of an epic project. Colin is actually something of a cyclist. BMX to be precise. “BMX was my main interest as a youth and still now really although I don’t ride much any more. I got quite flash at flatland and did win a comp but it’s the videoing that came with the BMXing that lead to me making videos and getting in to that side of things.”

You can probably guess as much when it comes to him riding hte Bicycle of Springs in the video above. Is that an attempted Switzerland Squeaker we see? He clearly has skills anyway.

Those of you of a certain age with a good memory for obscure old mountain bikes may be reminded of the venerable old Slingshot mountain bike. The Slingshot replaced the downtube with a bit of wire, a spring and a hinge. No, we’re not joking. Google it.

Video description

colinfurze: “You know when you have an idea, buy some stuff, start putting it all together then stand back and think WTF am I doing, well thats “The Bicycle of Springs” haha. This has just been a laugh as with no purpose or real understanding of what I was trying to achieve everyone who has witnessed this has just laughed.”