Twelve years has flown by

Here are the best, worst and most embarrassing first Tweets from your favourite mountain bikers to celebrate twelve years of Twitter.

Twitter is twelve years old today and it’s as divisive as ever. For some people it’s an echo chamber of pretentious attention seekers and for others it’s a place to gain valuable insight into the lives of those we admire… and spread our all-so-important opinions.

Thankfully most of the mountain biking world has joined Twitter in the past twelve years and while they’re all quite proficient at it now, their embarrassing first Tweets are still on display for all to view. Here are some of our favourites:

1. We wonder if Rachel ever found that retainer…

2. Steve Peat’s first tweet was not the most glamorous, but we’re glad he got this account in the end.

3. We’re not sure Olly Wilkins ever lived up to this promise… or why he picked that username!

4. Unfortunately the picture from this Rob Warner’s first Tweet is no longer available

5. Richie Rude clearly celebrated his sweet 16th in style. This is a tweet that makes us feel very old!

6. We’re not sure who the big man from Newcastle is but Josh Bryecland is clearly happy with his coaching.

7. The same online as he is in real life, Cedric Gracia kicked off his Twitter career with this very NSFW message.

8. Last and least comes us. Sorry we couldn’t be more interesting.

Thank you Twitter. We still love you (despite everything)!