Not just rebadged motocross goggles

The new Bell Descender goggle is not a MX goggle pulled MTB dutines. It is purpose built for MTB to be lighter weight and more breathable.

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bell descender

Bell Descender goggles

It features great airflow to keep you cool and temperature regulated while also providing excellent protection from the elements that any DH or Enduro rider encounters on the trail

It’s size was designed to fit in almost all helmets that exist, and fit perfectly with all BELL helmets, and still be able to tuck up under most visors when needed.

Lenses are available in multiple mirrored and tinted colors, as well as clear. All lenses are tear-off ready. Standard and laminated tear-offs are available.

12 total goggle colorways are available. 7 Mirrored versions and 5 Clear, all offering a large field of view.

Premium Jacquard strap with a large silicone strip on the inside to keep the goggle where you put it.

Contoured face foam allows easier breathing and a comfortable and secure seal to your face.