All it needs is some vinyl records and a craft ale

It seems Pole are taking their environmental stance one stop further by eschewing modern things like autofocus digital cameras.

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They are also foregoing cycling-specific clothing and digging out their old Kodak Super 8 film camera to shoot their latest YouTube.

As with a lot of what Pole do, at first it it sounds weird and unnecessary, but then the actuality turns out to be something brilliant and incredibly well made.

Watching it feels strangely nostalgic and thrillingly progressive at the same time. No soundtrack. No panning shots. No flipping dronework. At most there’s possibly some use of tripod but most of it looks and feels handheld.

It’s only a minute long but it must have taken a long time to create; mainly just waiting for the postie to deliver the processed film back the lab but still. Fair dos.

Disclaimer: if this film turns out to have been shot on an iPhone with a retro filter applied don’t blame us. It’s still cool.

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Video description

Pole Bicycle Company: “Riku Laakso and Aarni Toiviainen went old school with their shooting kit. This movie is shot on super 8 cartridges of Kodak Vision3 50D.”