Steel is very much still real in this latest edit from Chromag bikes


Remember all those drops that would make you take a moment to size up? Well Nick Tingren is sending them and not on an enduro/all mountain mega machine but on a hardtail.

Most people’s early days mountain biking were spent aboard some hardtail or another and most people remember how much fun they would have on them.

Couple a great looking bike with a great looking trail and you’ve got mountain biking heaven; there is always something about the North Shore trails that make people want to get out and ride.

Hardtails make for great winter riding and you can check out our latest hardtail bike test. The design of hardtails has moved on a fair bit in the past 12 months, bikes getting lower and slacker and more like enduro bikes. Read the test and pick yourself a cracking bike.

It’s also worth checking out Up and Down Squamish video from Transition Bikes, shot in BC. The trails look just as wet and slippery and just as good too!