The previously reliable Ream_Tumours back on Instagram with a clue

Today is deadline day for team info being sent into the UCI. And here is a cryptic prediction from Ream-Tumours on Instagram to pick apart.

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Ream_Tumours’ previous Instagram post was back in October 2017. In it they cryptically but correctly predicted Danny Hart signing to Saracen. In even earlier postings (see below) Ream_Tumours have predicted plenty of significant team changes and signings.

So this latest post is worthy of analysis as it very probably contains the truth as to where the Atherton are off to next now that they’ve departed from Trek.

Our initial reaction was that it meant that the Athertons were off to Cube. The use of squared graph paper as well as the cuboid figure at the end hint at this.

But then we thought a bit longer and remembered that Polygon have a bike called the Square One that uses the Naild R3ACT suspension design. Maybe Polygon have signed the Athertons?

But then we thought a bit longer (sometimes it’s hard to get to sleep isn’t it?) and we factored in the rumoured sightings of the Athertons hanging around Marin riders. Marin and Polygon use the same Naild suspension design. So maybe there’s some sort of connection to a Marin signing there?

Then again, it may be a smokescreen and the original rumours of the Athertons signing to Norco are the truth. Or maybe they’re going to Merida? Or maybe they’re doing their own brand bikes?

Ream_Tumours greatest hits

Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: the Athertons switching to…?, Danny Hart to Saracen, Matt Walker to Cube, Jared Graves to Specialized, the Athertons leaving GT, something about Canyon (we can’t remember this one!), the Athertons to Trek, Richie Rude to race downhill again (ah).