You’ll definitely find a size you like, within the new Atherton bikes online catalogue.


The most famous siblings in mountain biking, are launching their eponymous frame brand into the online realm.

Atherton bikes have gone live with a website that will allow customers to buy into the brand’s custom sizing philosophy.

The offering is understandably targeted at gravity riders, both enduro and downhillers, as one would expect from a range of bikes with ‘Atherton’ on the down tubes. Customers can choose from a 150mm enduro 29er (read our first ride review on the Atherton A150 here) or 200mm downhill racing rig.

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Advanced bonding tech

Both bikes use Atherton’s additive manufacturing process, with composite tubes joined by 3D-printed titanium lugs. The technology has been proven for years in elite motorsport and aerospace.

These lugged carbon frames offer no less than 22 sizes for the enduro bike and 12 for Atherton’s downhill frame. It also enables Atherton customers to get much closer to their ideal frame size than with most other brands, who offer five or six frame sizes at best.

For those riders who wish to experience the ultimate in rider-appropriate geometry, Atherton offers a custom sizing option, too.

In a time of enormous upheaval to global frame production, Atherton bikes have the advantage of building in Machynlleth, Wales, controlling the entire shaping and fabricating process.

The Atherton enduro bike has been slightly updated

After three years of development, the Athertons are confident to offer their bikes to buyers. And proud of a production process that minizines waste, and is wonderfully adaptable to iterative inputs.

An example of this is the latest version of the enduro bike, featuring port-to-port internal cable routing, integrated downtube protection and a longer seatpost insertion, accommodate longer droppers.

Atherton bikes CEO, Dan Brown, believes that the new brand is truly in control of its destiny.

“Unlike the majority of high-end brands we don’t rely on carbon moulds or Far East production. Not only are our bikes very strong but we can react quickly, with vast potential for variations in size, geometry and the incorporation of new learnings in a continuous process of improvement.”

An Atherton frame starts at £3999 and full builds, at £6700.